BLACKGLAMA Top Lot purchased by Li Wei Long Fur Company from China

The BLACKGLAMA mink Top Lot in Saga Furs March online auction was purchased by a Chinese company. Li Wei Long Fur is a professional fur brand combining research and product development, manufacturing and retail trade. The company is located in a fur town called Tong Erpu in China and exports fur to Northern China. Here’s a quick interview with the founder of the company Mrs. Min Chun Yan.

Li Wei Long Fur always acquires the best quality and therefore also buys mink pelts from the Saga Furs auctions, thus ensuring the brand’s image of high quality and good repute.

“Saga Furs represent the best possible quality, and the selection of different fur types is the best in the world. The company’s values of responsibility are also understood in the Western market, and they also correspond to our values of responsibility,” says Mrs. Min Chun Yan, the founder of Li Wei Long Fur Company.

Li Wei Long Fur has been buying different types of mink from Saga’s auctions for many years, such as Silverblue, Sapphire, BLACKGLAMA, Black and Cross mink. These mink pelts and other top-quality mink pelts are used to create the company’s glorious garment collections.

By combining the concept of the simplicity and nature with the best quality of Saga Furs, Li Wei Long, strictly monitors their production process and implement in the process the values of environmental protection. They believe in their concept to last for long as natural fur is the most sustainable material and a real pro-environmental act. This said, they are planning to keep using Saga Furs mink pelts and produce more garments for the sustainability driven consumers.

“As a fur buyer, we present our reliability to Saga Furs because of its precise grading system and reliable quality. We will always continue to develop and go hand in hand with Saga Furs!”, adds Mrs. Min Chun Yan.

Then she continues: “The BLACKGLAMA Top Lot which we bought at this auction will be used in the promotion of our fur shops, which focus on selling mainly BLACKGLAMA garments. We have currently started the production of our new BLACKGLAMA collection.” 

“The famous live-show selling anchor of BLACKGLAMA garments “Fur Sister Da Juan” has nearly hundreds of thousands of fans on KUAI SHOU e-platform. Taking advantage of the sales channels through the combination of online and offline sales, Sister Da Juan complete No.1 personal sales result in the company. She made our fur brand Li Wei Long well known by more consumers and deepened the understanding of BLACKGLAMA. She also obtained the trust and praise from consumers”, says Mrs. Min Chun Yan.