Introducing BLACKGLAMA manufacturers from China (Part 1)

Since 2020 BLACKGLAMA mink is sold exclusively through Saga Furs auctions in Finland, to the most demanding and selective manufacturers and design houses in the world, and their customers. With this article we start an article series where we introduce different BLACKGLAMA manufacturers from different markets. Here are first three from China.



DEELEZAR was established on 1990, using high quality and honesty as a foundation for their brand. DEELEZAR had courage and willingness to create new and fashionable fur items at the time when fur industry faced transformation. They choose BLACKGLAMA mink to represent their brand and to improve the style of their garments. The garments combine classics with fashion, and always keep high quality. This has helped DEELEZAR to develop a new path for their unique fur.

”BLACKGLAMA mink is simple, elegant and naturally black, which embellishes details and asymmetry of the fur garment. This also improves fashionable feeling of the fur garment. In our garments we combine traditional and new fur techniques with fashionable elements, which gives garments expression and character”, explains the owner of DEELEZAR.



TEP is another Chinese brand which was established in 2014 by Mr. Zhang Duo who is representing the second generation for the fur business. The name TEP has several meanings. First of all, the brand name TEP comes from 3 French words – creative, elegant and hope. As the same time TEP is also the abbreviation for “TongErPu” one of the most famous fur towns in Northeast China, which is also the hometown of Mr. Zhang Duo. TEP in Chinese language have 3 characters, first character Ti – descript the beauty of women, second character Yi – means his wife’s name to show their love, and third character Nuo – means honesty.

With high quality and uniqueness BLACKGLAMA matches the brand objectives of TEP. Mr. Zhang Duo has been attracted by BLACKGLAMA mink since his first visit to fur auction. He loves BLACKGLAMA’s naturally dark and silky feeling. “When I saw BLACKGLAMA fur for the first time, I started automatically designing BLACKGLAMA garment in my mind. To us BLACKGLAMA represents the perfect mix of classics and fashion, simple and technically advanced, pureness and texture”, says Mr. Zhang Duo.


Pictures above from left to right: DEELEZAR, TEP and Jin Furen Lao Pan Fur.


Jin Furen Lao Pan Fur

Jin Furen Lao Pan Fur is the one of the most famous fur garment retail brands in China. In 2012, Mr. Pan successfully bought BLACKGLAMA gold medal pelts, at that time still withing Chinese fur trade. He started establishing his brand at the time when others still used price as a means to get customers. With high quality and honesty as a foundation for his brand Mr. Pan was able to find lots of loyal customers. He could sense the trend of fur garment and has collaborated with internationally famous designers when developing new collections. These things have helped him to become the leader in Chinese fur industry.

In January 2021, Saga Furs and Lao Pan Fur, jointly held a retail promotion activity in Harbin, which specially promoted BLACKGLAMA, the finest naturally dark mink in the world. The event attracted the attention of many high-level consumers.



BLACKGLAMA refers to the mink, not the designer or manufacturer. The production of the world’s finest dark mink is an art, and it is always coming from North America. BLACKGLAMA mink is naturally dark in color, not dyed black, and it is of such high quality, that less than 2% of the world’s mink may earn the BLACKGLAMA label. What is good to highlight as well is that animals rearing conditions show first on animals’ fur, which means that you cannot get such quality without sustainable and certified practices on the farm.