Introducing BLACKGLAMA manufacturers from China (Part 2)

In this article we continue the BLACKGLAMA manufacturer article series. This time we introduce few more names from China before it will be time to move on to other markets.

The world’s finest black mink, which is known worldwide as BLACKGLAMA mink, is sold since 2020 exclusively through Saga Furs auctions in Finland to the most demanding manufacturers, designers, and their customers. Here are again few of them, enjoy.



Founded in 2008, Mandyshen is one of the first fur e-commerce pioneers in China. After more than ten years of deep cultivation and operation, Mandyshen has become a benchmark brand in the e-commerce industry. Product range includes garments for four different seasons and a haute couture line.

Mandyshen has its unique design concept especially in the development of BLACKGLAMA. Its styles include both classic and changeable characters. The brand has a large number of admirers in terms of quality and design. Since 2019, Mandyshen has tried to integrate BLACKGLAMA with Chinese traditional quintessence fabric, Gambiered Silk, and launched a double-sided series, which has been widely praised by the consumers. In the future, Mandyshen will continue to maintain and deepen the diversified research and design of clothing, so as to make a positive contribution to the innovation for fur industry.


Frank fan

Since the founding of Frank fan 10 years ago, its Chairman Mr. Fan Shuiliang, has been focusing on the principles of honesty, quality first and innovation. He successfully built and developed the brand into one of the high-end brands of men’s fur in China. Adhering to the idea of “being the best mink in the world”, Mr. Fan has been in the fur auctions many times to bid for the most unique mink in the world – BLACKGLAMA.

Through professional and innovative design, Frank fan has realized the perfect combination of fur, technique and style, and constantly produced exquisite men’s mink clothing, which has won the recognition and support of the majority of customers. “Makin dressing more comfortable. Making fashion simpler. Keeping the body warm, as well as the soul more elegant” are Frank Fan’s constant pursuit.



The Zuaman has already 17 years of fur manufacturing experience. The CEO of the company Mr. Gan Pinqin represents the second generation of this brand – which is also the pioneer in online trading business. Zuaman, a brand name derived from a character in Warcraft games, represents the brand’s belief of “always young, always full of vitality”, and especially in the live commerce, Zuaman  is deeply loved by the young consumers.

“Among the high-end brands in the world, BLACKGLAMA mink is the most valuable product in the fur world. Also, it has been used in the best high-end collections by Zuaman for years. Not only that, but we also plan to invest a higher proportion of BLACKGLAMA in the future in our collection, put more innovation efforts to improve the overall level of our clothing. And we will let more young people to know and love BLACKGLAMA mink through various Internet salling channels”, says Mr. Gan Pingin.


Saint Fanya

Yuyao Junhao fur Fashion Company was founded in 1985 and it is located in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province. It is a large fur clothing production enterprise integrating design, processing and production, wholesale and retail. The company’s high-end fur brand “Saint Fanya” was founded in 2006 and owns flagship stores and direct stores in many cities across the country. With the rapid development of the Internet in recent years, Saint Fanya has actively participated in online business to fully meet various demands in the new multi-channel market.

By improving its competitiveness, Saint Fanya is committed to becoming a well-known brand in the industry and a fur expert trusted by consumers. Saint Fanya ‘s high-end brand positioning makes it always seek the world’s top fur, and since 2010, it has insisted on purchasing BLACKGLAMA mink directly from the auction every year. Now, and in the future from Saga Furs. Saint Fanya is also very honored to be part of “BLACKGLAMA’s team” and will continue to work with BLACKGLAMA to create a win-win future for both.



BLACKGLAMA refers to the mink, not the designer or manufacturer. The production of the world’s finest dark mink is an art, and it is always coming from North America. BLACKGLAMA mink is naturally dark in color, not dyed black, and it is of such high quality, that less than 2% of the world’s mink may earn the BLACKGLAMA label. What is good to highlight as well is that animals rearing conditions show first on animals’ fur, which means that you cannot get such quality without sustainable and certified practices on the farm.