Introducing BLACKGLAMA manufacturers from Korea (Part 1)

By now you probably already know that BLACKGLAMA mink is extremely well-known and loved worldwide. Since 2020 the legendary BLACKGLAMA mink is sold exclusively through Saga Furs auctions in Finland. But now, it is time to continue our BLACKGLAMA journey and introduce several manufacturers from Korea.



Ever since its establishment in 1969, Dongwoo Fur has been trying to pioneer with the new developments in fur fashion design. They have a reputation for always selecting the best pelts, including BLACKGLAMA, at international auctions and they supply fur collections for well-known retail stores in Korea, providing reputable customer service.

Dongwoo Fur has been building trust with their customers by providing the finest quality BLACKGLAMA garments, bringing out new designs every year, and they are some of their top selling items.

“BLACKGLAMA is famous for its elegant, glossy and gentle touch that we try to project into our collections. These days the age group of our target consumers is getting younger and their knowledge about fur is becoming more in-depth. Therefore, we will have to focus more on the quality of our garments as well as on the designs”, says Mr. Jang, the president of Dongwoo Fur.



‘Dream Special Furs only at Ds FURS’

Ds FURS is all about unique design and guaranteed product quality. The company started its journey 20 years ago, propelled by the owner’s profound knowledge, sincerity and love of fur. They select only the highest quality pelts, create their garments by working with in-house artisans and strive for consumer satisfaction.

“To keep up with fast-changing fashion trends in the fur industry, we continually create new designs whilst at the same time preserving classic ones loved across the generations. BLACKGLAMA in particular, can play a key role in capturing the attention of different age groups. BLACKGLAMA garments have been a steady seller and cover a wide range of items, from minimalistic coats to short jackets and vests which can be worn by many”, says DS Kim, the President of Ds FURS.

“We have been consistently using BLACKGLAMA from the beginning, especially one that is silkier and well harmonised between guard hair and dense underwool. Also, we try to distinguish ourselves by using the highest quality furs, focusing on details to provide perfection to our customers and communicating through the generations with quality fur products”, continues Mr. Kim.


Eid Fjord / Naunis

Eid Fjord and Naunis were founded by Mr. Heung Joon Kim, who is a second-generation fur industry businessman. He is an experienced furrier and now runs two brands with different concepts and targets.

Eid Fjord is a high-end brand encapsulating sophistication, elegance and timeless designs, which allows consumers to enjoy a luxury lifestyle. Naunis presents a modern touch created with a unique combination that hasn’t been seen before in fur fashion. It offers various product designs which you can wear anywhere and anytime.

Mr. Kim, as an experienced furrier, always chooses the top-quality fur including carefully selected BLACKGLAMA for his both brands. “BLACKGLAMA represents the finest and well-established quality, which is why it has been well-sold to consumers. We strive to produce our garments using those pelts to provide customers not only premium fur items but also exceptional experience”, Mr. Kim explains.



Jindo, established in 1973, is one of the oldest fur companies and has long been a market leader in the fur industry. Jindo is the main brand that represents the everlasting beauty and transcendence that fur can offer, together with ‘Ageless’ and ‘Timeless’ designs. They have also diversified their business angle by launching Elfee and Klever, which provide a more romantic couture uniqueness and a wearable French style respectively for different generations. Furthermore, they have launched female textile brand UVA to form a total fashion company. They have around 70 shops in various retail centres across the country.

Jindo is well known for using only the highest quality fur from Saga Furs including BLACKGLAMA. From the beginning, this has been non-negotiable and something they will not compromise.

“Trends in fur fashion change quickly, especially nowadays, but we try to accommodate various needs. BLACKGLAMA’s strength is that it can be interpreted in various designs and used in sought-after items, especially those that appeal to people purchasing fur for the first time”, explains Shon Han, Fur Business Chief Officer of Jindo.


Keun Hwa Fur

Keun Hwa Fur is one of the oldest fur companies with over 60 years history, established in 1956. They have been focusing on how to provide the best quality fur garments by studying fur and constantly maintaining their integrity and transparency. Since the 1970s, they have been selling their products in major retail stores and have performed as one of the market leaders in presenting fur items to consumers.

‘Brand originality’ and ‘High quality’ are their primary goals, and they strive to combine luxury experience with contemporary modern designs in collections.

“I have participated in international auctions myself on behalf of the company to source materials and always purchase the best pelts. Our collections are produced by skilled craftsmen and fur designers and one thing that differentiates us is our careful process of quality control. With BLACKGLAMA, we can integrate classic style, richness, and elegance with modern feeling, which can be passed down to the next generation”, says Sung Joon, Kim the director.



BLACKGLAMA refers to the mink, not the designer or manufacturer. The production of the world’s finest dark mink is an art, and it is always coming from North America. BLACKGLAMA mink is naturally dark in color, not dyed black, and it is of such high quality, that less than 2% of the world’s mink may earn the BLACKGLAMA label. What is good to highlight as well is that animals rearing conditions show first on animals’ fur, which means that you cannot get such quality without sustainable and certified practices on the farm.