Introducing BLACKGLAMA manufacturers from Korea (Part 2)

In our previous article we introduced a few BLACKGLAMA manufacturers from Korea, but since there are so many great brands, we wanted to stay in the market for a little while longer. Here comes five more names to know…



Kukje Fur has been one of the market leaders in the fur industry since it’s conception in 1969, with a rich and successful history. They pride themselves on selecting the best pelts from global auctions, including BLACKGLAMA, and they do so with carefully trained and experienced furriers.

‘3E: Elegance, Etiquette, Ego’
Kukje Fur has continuously researched and implemented new ways to cater to the specific needs of different customer target groups. Also, they strive to create new and innovative designs combining high-end materials and intricate artistry in order to satisfy the market’s needs. It is one of their central ethos to be an exemplar trustworthy company in the market.

“I first beheld BLACKGLAMA in the 80’s and I was struck by its outstanding combination of silky texture, even length between underwool and guard hair and an enchanting natural black shade. I think consumers will similarly be captivated by the distinguished beauty of BLACKGLAMA and Kukje Fur is more than ready to present the ‘Fine Fur Selection’ with every faith that our customers will be just as taken by this collection as they were”, says Soohyun Kim, the Director of Kukje Fur.



‘Natural Perfection’
Sungjin Fur is one of the largest and most highly respected fur companies in Korea, run by experienced furriers. Since its establishment in 1983, the company has consisted of people dedicated to offering only the highest-quality products and personalised customer service, which has allowed them to gain a prestigious reputation amongst both customers and the market at large. They have differentiated themselves by focusing on ‘Nature’ as their main brand concept, which aligns well with fur as a raw material that has been used historically for all of mankind’s existence.

‘Our customers have full confidence in us’
With their vast knowledge and understanding of fur, and through their ingenious in-house design team, Sungjin Fur has provided the most creative and design-conscious fur collections made with superior pelts, including BLACKGLAMA. They have also been actively practising corporate social responsibility by supporting the Korean Breast Cancer Association since 2006.

“It is our company’s philosophy that we do not compromise on product quality. We endeavour to be transparent and present outstanding collections to the market in accordance with our core beliefs and values, and we will continue to strive to implement inventive designs and provide valuable customer service”, says Ms. Sunhee Cho, the Vice President of Sungjin Fur.



It has been more than half a century since Taerim Fur was established in 1965. Taerim is one of the oldest and most well-known fur companies, a pioneer of the market with a lengthy and established history both domestically and internationally. They operate three different brands: Taerim, Marie-Hélène, and MARIE-HéLèNE PREMIÈRE, each with different target demographics and design concepts which can all be found in major department stores across the country.

‘Best Skin, Best Skill, Best Style’
They have always carefully selected and purchased the finest pelts from international auctions and built a quality control system to oversee the whole production process, from raw material right through to customer purchase, in order to ensure responsible work practices. Additionally, they have continually focused on design developments for all their brands and actively offer unique, market-friendly designs for consumers.

“We have been continuously investing lots of resources in creating new designs to respond to our customers’ thoughts and feedback. As BLACKGLAMA is widely known as a high quality material among Korean consumers, we aim to bring a wider range of BLACKGAMA items onto the market, alongside other fur designs. Moreover, we will continue to uphold our company’s integrity and keep playing a role as one of the market leaders to steer our industry for future generations”, explains Mr. Jaeyoung Lee, the President of Taerim Fur.



Woodan Fur opened their business in 1982 and since then has been one of the most prominent fur companies in the market, operating across prime department stores. Their guiding motto is to provide ‘invaluable consumer experience by offering the finest products and customer service’. As well as abiding by this motto, they have also participated in every international auction since founding their business and only purchase top quality pelts including BLACKGLAMA.

‘Transcend the generation’
Woodan Fur strives to offer timeless fur designs, which are both elegant yet modern, which can be passed down through generations. The experienced and skilled designers are passionately invested in each and every process of garment creation, enabling them to understand their consumers’ desires on a deeper level and in turn gain their trust.

“It is very difficult to meet Korean consumer standards as they have an in-depth knowledge of quality fur along with BLACKGLAMA. We will continue to strive to accommodate their needs, keep track of what the market wants and capture consumers’ hearts with distinguished high quality fur collections”, says Mr. Youngjung Yun, the President of Woodan Fur.



Yoonjin Fur was established in 1996 and currently holds a powerful position in the market as a widely known fur brand. It forms part of a group company, Yoonjin, founded over 30 years ago, which not only encompasses this fashion brand but also purchases pelts and manages the dressing process. This allows them to follow the process from start to finish, from importing the pelts to creating the garment.

‘Ageless Communication’
Highly experienced craftsmen and a skilled design team with vast expertise create the garments for all three brands within Yoonjin Fashion: ‘Yoonjin Fur’ targeting the classic and elegant, ‘Copo De Nieve’ aiming at conceptual modern designs and L’ Hiver Doux focusing on contemporary Parisian look.

They have always acquired the best quality pelts, including BLACKGLAMA and regularly participate in global auctions in order to carefully select the materials for their collections. The selection of the finest pelts is not only vital but also non-negotiable for Yoonjin’s business.

“We strive to reinforce our design collection plan by investing many resources, trialing ideas and carefully analysing the market trend in order to provide the best quality fur products along with memorable customer experiences to fulfil their needs”, explains Mr. Soonhun Yoon, the President of Yoonjin Fur.



BLACKGLAMA refers to the mink, not the designer or manufacturer. The production of the world’s finest dark mink is an art, and it is always coming from North America. BLACKGLAMA mink is naturally dark in color, not dyed black, and it is of such high quality, that less than 2% of the world’s mink may earn the BLACKGLAMA label. What is good to highlight as well is that animals rearing conditions show first on animals’ fur, which means that you cannot get such quality without sustainable and certified practices on the farm. Since 2020 the legendary BLACKGLAMA mink is sold exclusively through Saga Furs auctions.