Saga Furs and Lao Pan Fur joint BLACKGLAMA retail event in China

On January 2, 2021, Saga Furs and Mrs. Gold aka Lao Pan Fur, one of the Chinese leading fur brand, jointly held a retail promotion event in Harbin. The event called “Gilding Private Club”, which specially promoted BLACKGLAMA, the finest naturally black mink in the world.

The event was organized to consumers during the New Year holidays by Saga Furs and Lao Pan Fur attracted the attention of many high-level consumers. The main purpose was to join forces and promote BLACKGLAMA.

During the event customers were able to see a special exhibition highlighting the cooperation story for BLACKGLAMA and Saga Furs with Lao Pan Fur and hear Lao Pan’s interview, they could also see the fur collection 2021 as a fashion show, famous stylists were introducing fur styling skills and there was also a BLACKGLAMA Promotion Ambassador awarding ceremony. The event not only attracted more than 100 guests, but also broke through the geographical restrictions through a live streaming to dozen KOL’s.

Continuing the story of the legend together

What is it about BLACKGLAMA mink that makes it different from other mink? And how is it possible that famous fur brands, such as Lao Pan Fur, know BLACKGLAMA mink is the finest black mink in the world? During the event, Mr. Spark Fang, Saga Furs Communications manager, introduced the background of BLACKGLAMA and answered these questions.

There are some consumers who don’t realize that BLACKGLAMA refers to the mink – as opposed to the designer or manufacturer. In order to qualify as BLACKGLAMA, the pelt must be free of any imperfections on both the fur and the leather side. The base underfur must be deep in length, dark in color, and dense in flow. It is this short nap characteristic that best defines the BLACKGLAMA mink in the garment.

BLACKGLAMA’s campaign “What Becomes a Legend Most”, which was launched in 1968, was counted among the Top 100 ad campaigns of the 20th century. It helped BLACKGLAMA to become truly iconic and inspirational, a symbol of class and style.

Since Mr. Pan Hexin, the chairman of Lao Pan Fur, successfully took the BLACKGLAMA Top Lot in 2012, Lao Pan Fur has created a BLACKGLAMA brand zone in their stores. He also joined hands with Mr. Christos Tsouka, the fur design master, to create fur styles, which are international but match the charm of Chinese ladies.

Since 2020 BLACKGLAMA mink is sold exclusively through Saga Furs auctions, and pelts are bought by the finest fur companies in the world, such as Lao Pan Fur from China and their customers.

“As the leading auction house, we are proud and happy that BLACKGLAMA is sold at Saga Furs in our North American Catalogue. Our cooperation is perfect combination, and we continue the story of the legend and create more classical moments. On this special New Year occasion, together with Lao Pan Fur, we wish everyone happy and safe New Year 2021!”, adds Spark Fang, Communications Manager China, Saga Furs.