Saga Furs partnering with the 12th Seoul Success Award

The 12th Seoul Success Award, co-sponsored by STV and newspaper company, is an award ceremony for those who contribute outstanding effort in different fields in society such as culture, business, and politics. The winners of each category are carefully selected to establish the event as the best awards in Korea. Saga Furs acted as a main sponsor of the event second year in a row.

Seoul Success Award 2020 was organized on 23rd of November in Seoul, Korea. The event has been organized already for 12 years and it is currently one of the well-known award ceremonies in Korea and organised by media companies; Good Morning Economy, Seoul STV, Sport Seoul. For Saga Furs this was a second year in row to act as a sponsor of this event and to promote sustainable fur and our customers, exclusive BLACKGLAMA among them.

Every year corporations and individuals from politics, business, society, and culture that contribute great effort or commitment are awarded. To be fair and transparent experts from different industries gather to go through the work and to select the winner of each category.

Usually the number of guests from different industries is around 700, but due to Covid-19 pandemic, it was half this year, to comply the government safety measurement. Among guests there was still a lot of famous individuals including current members of parliament (congressman, mayor etc), pop singers, cultural figures, and businesspeople from various industries.

The event with such an impressive VIP guest list and the timing of the event in November, just in the beginning of fur sale season, makes it the perfect opportunity to attract more people’s attention on fur and to generate fur-friendly mood. A video screen with e.g. BLACKGLAMA video, an exhibition and a mini show helped to promote Saga Furs brand as well as BLACKGLAMA and our Korean customers’ brand names and garments.

During the event we introduced 10 different garments from different brands with various styles including BLACKGLAMA. To introduce BLACKGLAMA and customers’ garments more effectively, special video footage was aired in the screen of the venue, a small brochure made with BLACKGLAMA photos was placed on every seat at the table and an oversize image was gracing the wall next to the stage.

It is fair to say that being able to present fur items in this type of event is not common. Based on the feedback the exhibition itself gave some freshness to the people as it was first time ever to display a garment in such event. As a result, people looked around, touched the feeling of luxurious and sustainable natural material and many of the guests expressed interest by taking a photo.