Saga Furs presented at Interfabric 2021 in Moscow

The exhibition “Interfabric 2021. Spring” was held in Moscow at the beginning of March. At Saga Furs´ booth were presented skins of different types of foxes, Finnraccoon and mink, including exclusive BLACKGLAMA skins. The fair was attended by textile companies from Russia, Belarus and Turkey, Russian fur product manufacturers and skin dealers. In total 8,000 industry professionals, of which 4,500 online, visited the fair.

During the exhibition, a round table of furriers was held, attended by Russian Fur Union, largest manufacturers and auction companies. Dmitri Larionov, Business Manager of East Europe introduced the Saga Furs brand online. Farmers, designers and fur industry people also participated in the seminar. At the stand, a Saga representative introduced the auction program.

In addition, there was a fur garments show including a collection of the winner of young designers´ competition. The collection was created with support of Saga Furs and in collaboration with Russian fur manufacturer Astel.

Watch the video below: