Saga Furs visited by the US Embassy management in Finland

In the middle of a very successful June auction Saga Furs had the honor to host Mr. Ian Campbell, Chargé d´Affaires and Mr. Raimonds Pavlovskis, Senior Economic Officer from the US Embassy of Finland. The timing was ideal to confirm the demand for the collection of North American mink which in the recent auction included the largest offering of Pastels and exclusive BLACKGLAMA. Currently, the value of Saga Furs brokered North American mink pelts this season is approximately 30 million euros.

Mr. Campbell and Mr. Pavlovskis were first introduced to the newly launched Saga Furs Creative Hub. The company’s high-end platform now located in Vantaa targets at serving stakeholders on every aspect of the industry´s sustainability issues, artisanship and fur fashion. Founded in 1988 in Denmark and previously known as Saga Design Centre, the unit has hosted about 30,000 visitors but this was the first time to get guests from the US Embassy in Finland.

Magnus Ljung, CEO of Saga Furs, next showed the US Embassy representatives the grading and the house in general. He pointed out that the finest, certified and sustainably produced pelts deserve the best grading.

Saga Furs´ grading system is considered the industry leader. In the US, pelts are collected and graded in Stoughton, Wisconsin to form unique and uniform rancher lots for our auctions. Our grading has remained consistent so customers can always trust that every lot sold meets the quality description given,” Ljung explained. Responsibility also means that Saga Furs´ grading is held with integrity to the realistic production of ranched raised mink.

Minks pelts as agricultural export

In 2016, Saga Furs expanded its operations to North America and Magnus Ljung had the responsibility to build and lead the operations. At that time, also a new team was put in place to drive the farmer services locally.

Three years later, in 2019, Saga Furs strengthened the position by taking over a big part of the North American Fur Auctions organization. Since then BLACKGLAMA, the North American black mink is sold exclusively through Saga Furs auctions in Finland, to the most demanding and selective manufacturers and design houses in the world, and their customers.  BLACKGLAMA mink is naturally dark in color, and it is of such high quality, that less than 2% of the world’s mink may earn this label.

“Auction buyers have committed to support our North American collection. We expect to sell this collection worth $40-45 million USD this season,” says Ljung.

Discussions with Mr. Campbell and Mr. Pavlovskis were lively and focused on trade specific issues as well. The cooperation was planned for the long term. Next meeting is planned to be held with US customers participating in the September auction – in any case as soon as the pandemic situation allows.