The Top Lot of BLACKGLAMA Female mink was bought by ZUAMAN Fur from China

During the Saga Furs June auction was also sold the Top Lot of BLACKGLAMA Female mink. The Top Lot was bought by ZUAMAN Fur from China. Here’s an interview with the Mr. Gan Pinqin, the brand owner of ZUAMAN Fur, who is telling us more about the brand itself and their plans on using the Top Lot pelts.


  1. Could you please tell the full name of your brand and something about the background?

LANZUN Fur was founded in 2004, which means already 17 years of fur production experience. During this period, LANZUN Fur established many sub brands and developed several different categories of fur products. This time, the sub brand ZUAMAN is the winner of BLACKGLAMA Female Top Lot. LANZUN, as one of the earliest manufacturers of fur in China, fur city Yuyao to be exact, and adheres to the tenet of “quality first, service first”, and has always retained the original intention and motivation when establishing enterprises.


  1. Could you give us a brief introduction of your company? Like, what are your main products? What is your target consumer etc…?

LANZUN is like the foundation of a tree, and ZUAMAN is like dense branches and leaves, which complement each other and grow together. In the past 17 years, LANZUN output has exceeded 12,600 garments, and opened 14 chain stores all over the country. In 2021, we set up a number of online live broadcasting rooms and established their own live broadcasting industry base. We strive to build online and offline integration, the best quality products, through the form of real-time visualization, to bring quality assurance and purchase convenience to consumers.

LANZUN is an old factory brand, but also a very young and passionate company! We put a lot of effort in the development of products every year. We not only vigorously develop fur coat, but also innovate some fur accessories. LANZUN has made a lot of individual fur products, which are popular among women. We have different sales channels and customers as well, such as wholesale customers, regional store customers and Internet retail customers. The age group of our customers is also very wide due to different styles.

  1. What prompted you to take part in the auction of Top Lot? How do you plan to use these Top Lot pelts?

LANZUN believes Saga Furs is a trustworthy auction house, we always pay close attention to the dynamics of Saga Furs. Besides mink pelts and BLACKGLAMA Top Lot as this time, we also buy some fox pelts. The reason why LANZUN wanted to buy the Top Lot is that we have high requirements for mink quality. The quality of BLACKGLAMA mink is like the black diamond, and this has always attracted us. This time, the Top Lot will be used to make the designer coats, for exhibition and other activities.


  1. Could you share your history with Saga Furs? Why you chose to come to Saga Furs auction?

Since LANZUN founded mink factory in 2004, they have been producing imported mink coats, and have good cooperation and friendship with major auction houses all over the world. It is essential for LANZUN to make high-quality clothes and Saga Furs is a high-end fur auction house. The exquisite quality of materials from Saga Furs is admired by people. We hope we can cooperate also in the future and achieve win-win results together.


  1. Would you like to share your brand’s social media pipeline with us? Such as instagram, wechat, microblog, website, etc…

Yes, sure. LANZUN has multichannel in e-commerce and social media.



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*The exclusive BLACKGLAMA mink for the Top Lot came this time from Dixon/Walt Brown.