The Top Lot of BLACKGLAMA Male mink was bought by Chinese fur brand GIODIDANAO (GA Fur)

At the Saga Furs June auction, BLACKGLAMA Top Lot was successfully won by Chinese fur brand GIODIDANAO (GA Fur). GA Fur was founded in Haining in 2009 and is currently located in Haining Leather City of Zhejiang Province, being one the first fur enterprises in Haining that set foot in the field of e-commerce. Since 2017, GA Fur online store has ranked as number one in men’s fur garment category on Taobao platform every year.

GA Fur is currently focusing on men’s fur garments, and the main consumer group are men in northern China who have high requirements for fur quality. The business philosophy of “honesty management, quality first” has been the cornerstone of its successful development in the past ten years.

In 2019, GA Fur began to develop a new retail mode of online and offline integration, providing online pre-sales consultation, sales and after-sales services. Offline stores provide customers with space to experience goods and brand culture in close range and provide trust and support for online stores to facilitate smooth transaction.

The full understanding and recognition of the history and quality of BLACKGLAMA is the main reason for GA Fur’s successful participation in the bidding for it at the Saga Furs June auction. “As the pronoun of quality, BLACKGLAMA is the best material for making black men’s mink coat, which has a natural fit with GA Fur’s products. Bidding for BLACKGLAMA is also reflecting GA Fur’s persistence and pursuit for high quality. GA Fur will use the BLACKGLAMA from the auction to show and let customers touch and feel the charm of the highest quality BLACKGLAMA mink. After all, there is no better example of the quality than this fabulous Top Lot”, says Mr. Zuo Dongwei, the general manager of GA Fur.

Saga Furs and GA Fur have known each other for a long time. GA Fur believes that using materials from Saga Furs can help them to produce perfect products, which has resulted in a long-time customer relationship. GA Fur mainly bids for mink, but also for a small number of foxes from Saga Furs.

Taobao is the main sales platform of GA Fur, and the link to store is “GA Fur not only sells products on this platform, but also communicates with consumers and listens to consumers’ feedback and suggestions, helping us to make even better products and satisfy consumers’ needs”, adds general manager Mr. Zuo.

Saga Furs and GA Fur both hope to cooperate in more aspects in the future, in order to create a bright future for the fur business.


*The exclusive BLACKGLAMA mink for the Top Lot came this time from Patrick Fur Farm.