The Top Lot of Blue fox was bought by Jincai@Fur from China

Jincai@Fur has purchased mink and fox pelts from Saga Furs for many years. In December 2021 online auction they bought the Blue fox Top Lot. Here’s a story behind the brand with an interview with their Manager Ms. Li Ting.

Jincai@Fur is a professional Chinese fur brand integrating research and development, production, marketing and service. The majority of Jincai@Fur business comes from imported mink garments and mink parka coats. With good quality materials, complex techniques and well-designed fashion styles, they provide customers high-quality products, as well as great after-sales service.

Most Jincai@Fur clients are women, age from 25 to 50, and who have a better buying power and higher pursuit of the quality of life. The design concept emphasizes simplicity, youth and nature, which attract well both the existing and the new customers.

“We promote “nature and natural” as products’ core characteristics, natural colors and natural materials. Also, the minimal design of the garments represents simplicity. Jincai@Fur has been buying the best mink pelts with high-quality and pure, natural colors at Saga Furs’ auctions for many years. We have been buying for example Sapphire mink, all kinds of Cross mink types and BLACKGLAMA mink. The best quality is always Jincai@Fur’s priority number one”, says Ms. Li Ting.

Sharing the same view on quality and sustainability of fur

According to Ms. Li Ting, Saga Furs has the best quality and offers the most comprehensive selection of different fur types in the world. She also values Saga Furs’ long experience cooperating with international fashion brands, as well as the fact that Saga Furs brand is valued and pursued by the customers of Chinese domestic leading brands.

“We bought the Blue fox Top Lot in December online auction and plan to use it to promote our online channel. Our TikTok account is: Tianjin Jincai Fur”, explains Ms. Li Ting.

Then she continues: “Quality is the foundation of our brand and something the brand needs to survive. There is no development of Jincai@Fur without quality, it is the core of competition on the market. Also, I like that mink is a natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly material. The business concept of Jincai@Fur and the view on sustainability is completely consistent with that of Saga Furs.