Transparent fashion with Saga Trac RFID

Would you like to know where your fur garment is made and where do the materials come from? With the groundbreaking Saga Trac, you can have this information as close as you have your mobile phone.

Brands are under increasing pressure to divulge more information about their supply chains. The cost of failing to meet these demands are higher than ever as more consumers are demanding transparency and sustainability. Saga Furs, with its partners, is enabling brands to share the origins of their fur products and the responsible production methods of its farmer suppliers. This information has been previously available to the brands, but now the whole chain can be at the fingertips of any consumer: When using your mobile’s NFC function near the dreamy garment at the shop floor, your phone can open up the whole value chain of the product – from farm to finished good.

“Saga Trac is transparent about the country of origin, as well it tells you detailed information about which farms the furs in the garment comes from. In addition, you can learn where the fur has been dressed and which skillful furrier has cut and sewn the garment,” says Saga Furs’ CEO Magnus Ljung.

Ljung continues: “Saga Trac adds to Saga Furs’ existing traceability and certification programs. The process includes cross-checking the country of origin, as well as the valid certificate license of the farm. We can ensure farms provide fur pelts that comply with latest animal welfare standards.”

When meeting with brands, designers and manufacturers, Ljung has learned that information on product ingredients and materials, where products come from, and the conditions in which they were produced influences purchases decisions more than ever.


New levels of transparency

Previously this kind of information on the value chain has not been available to consumers. Sure, fashion manufacturers have listed their production facilities but what has been missing, is the information about the origin of the raw materials.

“We believe there is no real sustainability without full transparency”, says the CEO.

“We have built this technology with our partners to give the consumers the information they deserve – so they can trust and verify that the raw materials come from sustainably managed certified farms where animal welfare is respected. Saga Furs has always considered sustainability as a part of its DNA. Now with Saga Trac we really can open up the DNA of a responsibly and ethically made fur garment.”


What Saga Trac

Saga Trac enables traceability, certification and product authentication from farm to finished goods communicated transparently to the customer pre- and post-sale

– Saga Trac is a RFIC chip-based breakthrough technology in retail
– The complete RFID traceability solution is powered by Saga Furs certification and traceability program
– It guarantees transparency in the supply chain by providing more information and transparency on the origin of product on a pelt level
– The unique RFID traceability solution allows consumers to trace their fur garments and accessories from farm to finished goods through the entire supply chain by simply tapping their phone with NFC function
– RFID technology allows also farmers, dressers, cutters, manufacturers and brands to verify a product’s journey across the entire supply chain in real-time and easily share the information