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Saga Furs Design Centre is the world’s creative laboratory for developing new ideas in fur. It was the core of an ambitious strategy that succeeded in putting fur back into the spotlight of fashion through innovagtion and sharing our know-how. Since the doors opened in 1988, around 30,000 designers, students/teachers of design, fashion editors, furriers, clothing manufacturers and others who influence fashion have been to Saga Furs Design Centre.
Saga Furs Design Centre created the modern definition of fur Our team of expert craftsmen and design specialists teach select techniques to help designers realize creative ideas and add value to collections. Daring to cut, twist or otherwise alter a piece of fur was considered an act of destruction. Designers, however, loved the idea when they learned–you can do anything with fur.      
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Rules are broken to build up a new future for fur The craft techniques developed at Saga Furs Design Centre have become the building blocks of modern fashionable fur. Designers learn techniques from us, apply their own creativity and construct the fashion pieces shown on runways around the world.



Saga Furs Design Centre opens. It is the backbone of an on-going strategy for developing new uses for fur and sharing them with the world of fashion. The following year the first group of designers arrives to learn about fur at Saga Furs Design Centre — a milestone that will change the fashion picture.


Saga Furs Design Centre's 10th anniversary. The Who's Who of fashion—including Jean Paul Gaultier — attend lavish celebration at Tivoli Gardens in Denmark.


Saga Furs Design Centre develops Fox Wool technique — a 50/50 mix of fox and cashmere — for spun-and-woven fabric used by Fendi.


"Fur-midable"— spectacular event in Paris. An apartment done completely in fur — using techniques from Saga Furs Design Centre — promotes fur in décor.


First Fur Vision event launched in New York, where Saga Furs introduces designers to new techniques developed at Saga Furs Design Centre. Milan follows one year later. The annual events prove to be huge successes as Saga Furs techniques appear on seasonal runways.


Saga Furs Design Centre begins developing techniques for new type of fur, Saga® Finnraccoon.


Fur Vision introduced to London.


Paris welcomes Fur Vision to the world's fashion capital.


Saga Furs Design Centre marks 20th anniversary of the first designers' seminar. More than 25,000 visitors have walked through the doors since Saga Furs Design Centre opened.


In connection with World Expo 2010, techniques from Saga Furs Design Centre displayed at Nordic Lighthouse exhibition. Fabulous fur fashion show presents top designers from around the world on one Shanghai stage.


Saga Furs Design Centre upgrades activities and objectives after merging into Saga Furs Oyj of Finland. Fur Vision events in New York, Milan and Paris get a new dimension in anticipation of extended activities in fur development.


100+ Saga Furs celebrates two anniversaries: 75 years for the auction house and 25 years for Saga Furs Design Centre—and we head into the future.


Fur Vision lanuched in Beijing and Shanghai