Digital Services

Saga Digital Services – which requires a log-in identity – have six main areas providing business-enhancing services for customers and suppliers:

• My Catalogue: Auction catalogue with real-time price updates. Breeders get farm-specific auction monitoring. Buyers get all valuation tools and statistics during an auction and their customers can access their brokers’ valuations and send orders.

• Farmer Extranet: All relevant farm-specific data, price and quality statistics as well as financial reports, advances, and much more.

• Buyer Extranet: With a buyer number you will find information about purchases, financial obligations, shipments, and other relevant data. A customer account gives access to account information.

• Web Sampo: State-of-the-arts software for efficient breeding and quality development.

• Skin Tracking: Service for farm-specific warehouse statistics with the possibility of using digital packing lists.

• Buyer Invoicing: Service for auction buyers that allows them to provide invoicing instructions.

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