Auction Assistans

Are you the buyer’s right-hand for the next auction?

Thousands of Finnish students have gotten the first taste of international sales by working as our auction assistants since we started holding auctions in the early 1980s.

Fur auctions differ from traditional auctions because pelts are not put on display in the auction room while the actual bidding takes place. Instead, the buyers are allowed to review the collection and inspect fur pelts during few days before the auction takes place. Buyers are provided with auction catalogues where they write down which products they are interested in.

The auction assistant finds the pelt bundle for the buyer and brings it to them to be inspected. An efficient auction assistant saves the buyer’s time and effort so that the buyer can inspect the pelts uninterruptedly and make their markings in the auction catalogue.

Most of the auction assistants work for about two to five days at a time but often at each of our four annual auctions. The positions are ideal for students who want to finance their studies by working for short, intensive periods.


Saga Furs will held 3 auctions in the 2022–2023 sales season.

Auction Application period Inspection Selling
March 2023 20.-22.2.2023 1.-6.3.2023 7.-15.3.2023
June 2023 24.-26.5.2023 2.-7.6.2023 8.-16.6.2023
September 2023 21.-23.8.2023 30.8.-4.9.2023 5.-13.9.2023


Apply for Auction Assistant!

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