WebSampo – quality oriented selection

Three reasons to choose WebSampo

The most advanced breeding program in the market

WebSampo is the breeding program for foxes, minks and finnraccoons. One third of the Finnish fur farms uses WebSampo in their work. With this program, the producer can select the best animals for breeding and control the relatedness of the offspring. WebSampo is used by farms, where the quality of skins is priority number one. WebSampo assists producer in the long-term and systematic animal breeding, which leads to higher fur quality and better litter result.


Unique index calculation helps your work

WebSampo is a unique tool for animal’s genetic evaluation that relay on long-term research work and MiX99 software developed by Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). The index calculation utilizes data obtained from the fertility, health, temperament, grading and pelt character traits, which are assessed by the producers and professional graders of Saga Furs. The program estimates breeding values for the animals and ranks them based on their BLUP -indices. Hence, you can choose reliably the best animals from the population for breeding.

You can do single trait selection or simultaneous multiple trait selection of animals in WebSampo. You can rank the animals and decide how much weight you want to put on different traits like litter size or grading and pelt character traits.

Control the relatedness of animals

WebSampo provides you the mating recommendations, which are based on BLUP-indices and pedigree information of animals. If the mated animals are too closely related, the program warns you about it. Minimization of inbreeding is important in maintaining fitness of the offspring as well as genetic diversity. Genetic diversity is essential for the genetic improvement and for selection that continues from generation to generation.

Good methods need good data

All the reproduction information is important to record by the producer, because it will benefit the calculation of fertility index: whether the female is pregnant or not, number of new born puppies, litter size at three weeks of age and puppy losses. Once the data has been entered into WebSampo, you can print out a comprehensive statistics from whelping. Identity and pedigree information as well as production records of the animal remain in good safety in the WebSampo database, even if the animal is sold and moved to a new farm.


✓ estimates the breeding values of animals

✓ helps you to produce better skins and healthier animals

✓ makes your farm more productive and saves your time

✓ keeps all important information in one place


WebSampo allows you to follow the development of animal’s index and see if the animal is among the best ones in the farm or national level. The national indices are comparable between farms. You can order pre-printed cards from WebSampo for breeding animals, puppies and for skin tracking. The cards are made of material, which is suitable for shed environment.


If you start using WebSampo as a new farm in 2023 and register your breeding animals yourself into WebSampo, we will pay the annual and animal fees for you.


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