Mink skins are graded according to the degree of clarity, or colour tone.

The different categories of colour clarity are (from the greyer or bluer tones to reddish): Colour (C)1, C2, C3 and sometimes, C4. The clarity descriptions used depend greatly on the type of mink in question. In the blue and pale types, clarity is of great importance.

Below is an example of the degree of clarity in brown mink types:


Fox and Finnraccoon

Saga® Fox and Finnraccoon skins are also graded by the degree of clarity, or the colour tone of the fur. Colour Clarity I group describes skins whose colour is distinctive and vibrant. The lower the clarity, the more muddled the colour is.

The different categories for colour clarity are: Colour (C)1, C2, C3 and C4. The concept of clarity in fox skins differs slightly from that used for mink skins. Not only are the blueish or reddish tones taken into consideration, but also the general appearance expected of the fox type in question.




It is important to note that clarity characteristics do not affect the quality grading of a skin.