Saga Furs Creative Hub

Committed to share our innovation in fur with the fashion world.

Saga Furs Creative Hub is the world's leading visionary laboratory bringing the beating heart of our design operations close to the actual core of the Industry: Saga Furs Auction House.  The Creative Hub is located in Vantaa, few kilometres away from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and it is conceived as a common space where stakeholders from all over the World can spend time, learn, be inspired, and share knowledge.  

Inspiration through innovation

Saga Furs has devoted more than 30 years to finding new approaches in fur, inspiring generations of designers. Now more than ever, our team of skilled furriers are dedicated to presenting different techniques to designers, helping them to realise their creative ideas, and adding value to their collections.   Furthermore, one of the Creative Hub main purposes is to educate new generations to the art and craft of fur and its multiple usages. This work is done through a long-lasting cooperation with different top ranked schools and universities in different fields of education.  
Workshops  Best way to acquire further knowledge on fur and the Industry is to attend one of our Creative Hub Workshops.  During the workshop week the participants have the possibility to experiment and work with the material, cutting and sewing pieces, trying themselves the techniques, and nurture their creativity.   Since the Creative Hub is situated in the heart of Saga Furs operations, the attendants can benefit from the know-how of the experts of the whole fur value chain, ranging from design and sustainability to pelt types and quality grading.   Besides, our guests also experience the Nordic lifestyle and culture, while enjoying Finnish landscape. Have you ever heard about Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, or Moomin? …  For further information, you can reach out to us via email:   
Sustainability  Sustainability is an essential part of our activities, especially in the cooperation with our stakeholders, such as fashion brands, students, auction customers etc.    Firstly, all the pelts we use in our workshop are certified, and including pelt level traceability.   Secondly, we always focus on developing new techniques that minimize left-over material and consider the value and impact of the material. 


The core of Saga Furs ambitious strategy since 1988 has been to make fur appealing and to put it back into the spotlight of fashion through innovation and sharing our know-how. From when the doors opened around 30,000 designers, students and teachers of design, fashion editors, furriers, clothing manufacturers and others who influence fashion have been visiting Saga Furs Design Centre, activity taken forward today bySaga Furs Creative Hub. 



The Saga Furs auction house was founded.


The first international fur auctions were held in Finland and Saga Furs started to establish its reputation as a quality brand and the premiere partner for the fashion industry.


Haute Couture

Saga Furs graced the pages of Vogue magazine and began building enduring relationships with leading Paris fashion houses, including Christian Dior.


Inspiring New Designers

Through its design competitions Saga Furs inspired a whole new generation of designers, who started testing new techniques.


Driving Decades of Creativity

Saga Furs Design Centre opened its doors with the strategy for developing new uses for fur and sharing them with the world of fashion. Since then, more than 30,000 visitors have gained access to the most advanced techniques in fur. Today it is known as Saga Furs Creative Hub.


Just before the millennium the Saga Furs became the first to innovate with fur in home décor. In 2000 Saga Furs organized a spectacular ‘Fur-midable’ event in Paris with an apartment done completely in fur and using techniques from Saga Furs Design Centre.


In 1999 Saga Furs Design Centre develops Fox Wool technique – a 50/50 mix of fox and cashmere – for spun-and-woven fabric used by Fendi.


Fur to Fashion Capitals

Saga Furs launched the 1st ‘Fur Vision’ event in New York to transport innovation and new techniques to fashion capitals around the globe. New York’s success was followed by similar events in London, Paris, Milan, Moscow, and many cities in Asia.


Saga Certification

Saga Certification began when Saga Furs teamed up with the Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association (FIFUR) to initiate ground-breaking standards for fur farming. Saga Furs launched the first Traceability System that enables to trace the material in a garment back to the farm of origin.


Industry’s 1st CSR

Saga Furs introduced the industry’s first CSR policy and lead the industry again by joining the United Nations Global Compact initiative for responsible corporate policies.


China Exponsion

China is an important market and in 2018 Saga Furs launched a training programme at BIFTPARK Haining to extend Saga’s fur innovation and craftsmanship to the creative talents for the future in China.


The Anniversary Year

In 2018 Saga Furs celebrated its 80 years history and Saga Design Centre its 30 years history.


Saga Furs Creative Hub opens its doors

In 2021 Saga Design Centre is officially relocated to Finland in Vantaa headquarters and is now know as Saga Furs Creative Hub.


Today, sustainability, traceability and transparency are requirements that designers, fashion brands and consumers have come to demand. All the pelts that Saga Furs offers are certified and traceable.

In year 2021 we implemented Furmark Certification to our offering.