Managing Director and Management Group

In accordance with the Companies Act, the Board of Directors appoints a managing director for the company. The managing director attends to the day-to-day administration of the company in accordance with the instructions and regulations laid down by the Board.

Saga Furs Oyjs managing director is Pertti Fallenius (1962) engineering student, since September 1, 2009. Has been working at Finnish Fur Sales since 1985-: Marketing Manager 1991, Marketing Director 1998, Managing Director’s Deputy 2003. Board member, International Fur Federation. No shares. No debt from Saga Furs or its subsidiaries 31.10.2013. The managing director Pertti Fallenius sees to legality of the company’s accounting and the reliable organisation of treasury management.

Management group

The company’s Management Group assists the managing director in the company’s management. It prepares matters that are to be decided upon by the Board of Directors, such as the Group’s strategies, budgets, risk policies, and the most significant investments and acquisitions. The Management Group also deliberates on issues related to profit, the corporate image, rewarding employees and attending to investor relations.

Management Group

Updated: February 2018