Managing Director and Management Group

Managing Director

In accordance with the Finnish Companies Act, the Board of Directors appoints a Managing Director for the Company. The Managing Director attends to the day-to-day administration of the Company in accordance with the instructions and regulations laid down by the Board. The Managing Director sees to the legality of the Company’s accounts and to the reliable organisation of treasury management. Only with the consent of the Board of Directors may the Managing Director take measures deviating from the Company’s normal business activities, except in the case that the time needed for getting the Board’s approval would land the Company in a situation in which it would suffer considerable damage. In the latter case, the Board of Directors shall be informed about any measures taken as soon as possible.

On 11 March 2022 Markus Gotthardt, MScEcon was appointed as CEO of Saga Furs and he will start latest 16 May 2022. Magnus Ljung, CEO since 2020 leaves the position with immediate effect. In the meantime, Juha Huttunen, Deputy Managing Director (finances) will perform as the CEO.


Other executives

The Company’s Management Group assists the Managing Director. It prepares the Company’s strategies, budgets, policies and major investments, acquisitions and divestments for the Board of Directors. In addition, the Management Group deals with issues relating to reporting, corporate image, personnel remuneration and investor relations.

Apart from the Managing Director, the Management Group includes:

Mikko Hovén (b. 1974)
Commercial college graduate with upper secondary school diploma. With the Company since 2000, Sales Director since 2015. No shareholdings in the Company.

Juha Huttunen (b. 1964)
M.Sc. (Tech). With the Company since 1987, Deputy Managing Director (finances) and substitute for the Managing Director since 2009, secretary to the Board of Directors. No shareholdings in the Company.

Sameli Mäkelä (b. 1976)
M.Sc. (Tech). With the Company since 2009, Production Director since 2014. No shareholdings in the Company.

Julio Suarez Christiansen (b. 1966)
B.Sc. (Tech). With the company since 1987, Business Director, producer and trade services, Europe since 2015. No shareholdings in the Company.

Samantha Vesala (b. 1969)
EMBA. With the Company since 2014, Business Director, Marketing, Customers and Business Relations. No shareholdings in the Company.


Updated: March 2022