Saga Furs‘ labels ensure the best quality and sustainability

By using the Saga Furs’ labels in garments, consumers get the licence to wear fur.

The Saga Furs brand stands for the best quality and sustainability supported by our meticulous grading system. Through our globally recognised labelling system, fashion houses, furriers, retailers and consumers can be assured that their fur garments are of the highest quality and meet the highest animal welfare standards.

The new addition in the labels and hangtags, supporting our sustainability commitment, is the Furmark certification logo. Saga Furs is committed to receiving, grading and auctioning only certified pelts coming from European and North American fur farms which is highlighted by the Furmark certification. To read more, please go to

Mink, fox and Finnraccoon labels

The available labels for mink, fox and Finnraccoon pelts are:

  • Full-size label 55 x 50 mm for fur garments and accessories
  • Folded Saga Furs flag label 20 x 33 mm for smaller fur accessories
  • 2-sided hang tag 100 x 55 mm

Saga Furs labels are allotted for the following pelt qualities:

– Saga Furs Lumi Royal
– Saga Furs Royal
– Saga
– Saga I

Pelts below these quality classes are not eligible. Read here more about the different qualitites for mink, fox and Finnraccoon.

Label Distribution

Saga Furs distribute labels and hang tags to ensure a high level of service in close contact with the auction buyers.

Labels are distributed according to the following system:

Type Labels Flag Labels
Mink 10 pelts = 1 label and/or 1 hang tag 1 pelt = 1 flag label and/or 1 hang tag
Fox 2 pelts = 1 label and/or 1 hang tag 1 pelt = 4 flag labels and/or 4 hang tags
Finnraccoon 2 pelts = 1 label and/or 1 hang tag 1 pelt = 4 flag labels and/or 4 hang tags

Please note that the labels are given only against the invoices from the current and past sales season. Older invoices are not accepted for the order.

Due to the summer holiday season we are not able to ship labels during the weeks 27-29/2022. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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