Label Programme

The flexible consumer-oriented label programme consists of the following label types:

  • Full-size 5.5 x 5.0 cm Saga Furs Certified Farmed Fur-WelFur label for fur garments and accessories.
  • Folded Saga Furs flag label for smaller fur accessories.
  • A stylish hang tag to support the Saga Furs garment and flag labels. The hang tag provides consumers with key information about Saga Furs and its values.

New Look and Feel for the Saga Hang Tag

The new hang tag has been designed to be clean and uncluttered and to reflect sustainability. The material has been changed to a light brown unbleached and uncoated kraftliner which also links with the idea of fur: it’s natural, it has a tactile feel and it’s beautiful as it is.

WelFur Certification has been taken into use and added to the labels and hang tags.

Label Distribution

Saga Furs distribute labels and hang tags to ensure a high level of service in close contact with the auction buyers.

Labels are distributed according to the following system:

TypeLabelsFlag Labels
Mink10 skins = 1 label and/or 1 hang tag1 skin = 1 flag label and/or 1 hang tag
Fox2 skins = 1 label and/or 1 hang tag1 skin = 4 flag labels and/or 4 hang tags
Finnraccoon2 skins = 1 label and/or 1 hang tag1 skin = 4 flag labels and/or 4 hang tags

Saga Furs labels are allotted for the following skin qualities of mink, fox and Finnraccoon:

– Saga Furs Lumi Royal
– Saga Furs Royal
– Saga
– Saga I

Skins below these quality classes are not eligible.

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