Saga Furs Creative Hub

Fur is beautiful and sustainable material, but it’s the furrier’s craftsmanship that makes the finished piece wearable and unique. Creativity in fur begins at Saga Furs Creative Hub, where the know-how of skilled furriers is shared with design talents from all over the world. It is the spot where experiments in fur turn into sustainable innovations and global trends. Read more

Fur Vision

Fur Vision® is where Saga Furs introduces new techniques from our experts in fur craftsmanship to the world of fashion. The annual events began in New York in 2000 and have since been held in London, Paris, Milan, Moscow and many cities in Asia. Fashion runways always feature Saga Furs products and craft techniques developed in Saga Furs Creative Hub. Read more

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Not all fur is equal

On our new site,, we provide consumers with articles, stories, interviews and scientific findings. This site complements the official home page, and encourages those who love fur and want to make a responsible and sustainable choice. Read more