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Saga Furs combines various roles from craftsmanship to the world of international auctions and fashion. Scroll down to learn more about us and our values.

Will you become a part of Saga Family?


Saga Furs combines various roles from craftsmanship and design to the world of international auctions. The diversity of our operations creates a unique setting, enables in-depth knowledge of the field and processes and engages employees to solve problems together.

Saga is full of stories. People and personalities are the core of Saga. Everyone can be themselves. Our employees respect each other, enjoy working together and the atmosphere is family-like. 

Equality and our shared mission are made evident by everyone, from our employees to the CEO, giving their contribution for our customers and auctions. A successful auction is a matter of collective pride. We forget about hierarchy and titles when sitting down together to enjoy a delicious meal, to ask each other how we are doing and to crack a few jokes. 

Welcome to Saga Furs Auction!


Have you wondered what it’s like at the fur auction? Think no more. With this video we open the doors and welcome you inside the world of Saga Furs. International, fast-paced environment and a company full of awesome people!


Why should you work with us?

Saga Furs is loyal to the industry, traditions and people.

Our employees describe us as a flexible, reliable, genuine and brave employer.

At Saga, we really care for our employees and colleagues. And people stay with us for a long time!

What matters the most to us

Working at Saga

Working at Saga Furs means that everyone can be themselves. We have a broad spectrum of people from different fields and people representing more than 30 nationalities. Our employees have the most different hobbies from choir singing to motorcycling. To us, individuality and exceptionality mean the courage to be genuine and open-minded. We welcome friends and strangers with open arms – smile is contagious, try it yourself!

Responsible pioneer

We want to be pioneers in our field. To us, responsibility and sustainability are self-evident. That is why we are the most trusted brand in the fashion industry and the number one choice for various high-end brands. Choosing fur is an ecological choice and, due to its long life, a pro-environment act. Our industry generates significant export income for Finnish economy, creates jobs and secures the livelihood of thousands of families, especially in rural areas. Read more about traceability and the most comprehensive certification system of the industry, on Saga Furs sustainability pages

International work environment

Language skills and open-mindedness are huge pros at Saga. Our international colleagues and customers, possible business trips and the international auctions we hold four times a year make the everyday life at Saga Furs colorful. Here, you get to practice your small talk skills and remember that laughter, hugs and kisses on the cheek are part of the everyday interactions. The fact that we are better known abroad than in Finland speaks volumes about out internationality.

Flexible and reliable employer

We find it important to be able to combine work and personal time. Sometimes the work requires flexibility, but there are other important things in life, such as family, health and friends. Here flexibility is a two-way street. Downstairs in our headquarters we have a swimming pool, saunas and a gym.

At the staff restaurant we always have delicious home-cooked food and there’s always fresh coffee. Or perhaps you would prefer a foamy latte? That’s possible too.