Warehouse / Grading

Career in the warehouse/grading 

Are you interested in a variety of versatile tasks in our warehouse and fur grading?

We offer comprehensive orientation and personalized training as well as the opportunity to advance in your career and become a team member of our top professional graders.

A career as a grader starts first in our production warehouse where you will get familiar with the different type of fur skins and grading processes. Receiving incoming materials and ensuring the success of the mechanical sorting and storage of the skins are part of the daily tasks. Once you have gained experience, you can have the opportunity to became assistant of a grading team and we will offer the opportunity for in-depth training to become a professional grader.

Our graders ensure that each pelt sold at our international fur auctions reflects the standards of quality contained in our brand. The grading process is divided into several phases, many of which require strong experience and competence. When a grader gains experience and becomes skilled at the most difficult and decisive phases of the process, we can offer the best ones a permanent employment as a top professional grader.


Graders help to attain levels of higher quality 

Our experienced graders also instruct Finnish, Scandinavian and Central European farmers. The farmers learn about different characteristics of pelts and how these characteristics affect prices. This ensures the selection of the best breeding stock and consequently helps enhance the best profitability.


Apply to work with us! 

We offer recurring seasonal work. The grading season begins in stages between November-January and lasts 5-8 months.

The call for new seasonal employees begins annually during October-November. Request more information about seasonal employment from the Production Manager Jari Heinonen, tel. +358 (40) 132 9407.

You can also send us your open application to rekry@sagafurs.com.