2018 International Grading Course

On March 12-16, 2018, Saga Furs will hold the 2018 International Grading Course at our headquarters in Vantaa, Finland.

To sign up for the 2018 International Grading Course, fill out this enrolment form and send it to Mr. Mika Jokinen at: mika.jokinen@sagafurs.com by 22 December, 2017.

We offer the only course where you can learn grading according to traditional Saga Furs standards, considered to be the best in the industry.

This intensive course in the world’s best grading process provides the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of all phases in the grading of Saga® Fox, Mink and Finnraccoon. The course will also take you through the entire auction system.

• Grading principles
• Practical training in grading different types of fur
• Practical training in the inspection of show lots
• Introduction to the Saga Furs auction system
• Presentation of Saga Furs global activities

Instruction is given in English, but interpretation to Chinese is available.

For the most up-to-date information and any enquiries about the course, you can also direct your questions to Mr. Mika Jokinen at: mika.jokinen@sagafurs.com; Tel: +358 9 84 981, fax: +358 9 849 8319.