A brand-new issue of Saga Voices has been published

The second issue of our e-magazine Saga Voices awaits you reading. The voices of people in the industry is the key feature of the magazine, which is also reflected in the name – Saga Voices. In addition to personal insights, the magazine includes industry highlights, videos, dialogues, an events calendar, and various stories serving its reader with facts and lighter content, with fur as a common denominator.

The videos offer e.g. an interview with Markus Gotthardt, CEO of Saga Furs who talks about sustainability and future views. There is also a summary of the interview. The same applies to the dialogue of Julio Suarez Christiansen & Sari Koskinen who discuss fur farming on social media and Mike Brown from International Fur Federation who focuses among other things on the role of sustainability in the US right now.

Find out about farmers´ thoughts about certification and solar panels. You are also invited to take a deep dive into the minds of Generation Z, hearing their thoughts on how to succeed in the future. In the Fur Cities series, we continue by presenting New York, where the Fur Vision event just took place.