Alena Akhmadullina A/W 2018-2019 interprets “The Snow Queen” muse

Russian designer Alena Akhmadullina showed her upcoming Autumn/Winter collection in the format of theatrical installations with models doubling as the heroes in “The Snow Queen”, the fairy tale that inspired the designer.

“Another source of inspiration was Akhmadullina’s visit to our Fur Vision in September, when she not only gathered ideas for the collection, she also found a partner who would help realize those ideas,” says Dmitri Larionov, Saga Furs Business Manager, East Europe.

The designer presented her Fall-Winter collection on Tuesday 10 April in the Giraud Gallery in Moscow.


Alena Akhmadullina collection a reading of “Snow Queen” through a prism of ‘80s styles

An integral part of Alena Akhmadullina’s creations is a fur line with pieces made in a variety of complex craft techniques. The showing demonstrated the brand’s cooperation with Saga Furs, which provided Saga Fox for the collection.

The show highlighted breathtaking fur creations in a setting that featured the fantastic ice heroine surrounded by magical animals – northern owls and deer that appear in traditional prints and deftly constructed fur detailing.


Quality and beauty are reinforced by models of ethical practices

The Alena Akhmadullina brand shares Saga Furs values contained in a responsible supply chain guided by ethical practices. ​​

“Both brands share the principles of, not only beauty and quality, but also sustainability,” notes Larionov. “Alena Akhmadullina chose Saga Furs as a reliable partner due to its reputation for transparency in all activities and the possibility of tracing the fur through all stages of the supply chain.”