Arto Honkanen Rocked in the Fur Business for 39 years

The valued Saga Furs auctioneer Arto Honkanen completed his last auction today when selling black mink male skins. When passing the sales baton to the CEO Pertti Fallenius he also gave him his special tie that he has always worn when the price of blue fox has risen.

“I have seen the massive fluctuation in the business cycle of the fur industry, the repeated rise and fall of the price of fox furs. In the business of raw materials this is normal and also applies to the fur business. One must grow into this industry because this is a unique business”, Honkanen describes the fur industry.

Honkanen came to Saga furs to work for one winter in 1976 because his career in basketball had ended; one winter eventually became a 39-year career. During his career he worked as a warehouse foreman, production foreman, the director of production and sales and as one of the head auctioneers. This fall Arto Honkanen is going to go to the coast of the Atlantic and is planning to enjoy one of his beloved hobbies, golf.