AW19 fashion is about Urban Chill in China

Press Release 23 October 2018

Saga Furs and BIFTPARK unveiled a stunning fashion show with over 70-pieces fur collection for Fall/ Winter 2019.

For the annual Saga Furs -BIFTPARK fashion show, this year we used Urban Chill as the key element to support fur collections. The nine collections were characterised by craftsmanship and a no-boundaries approach to style and creativity. Based on the show, here are the seven trends that stood out: Stripes, Intarsia, Combination, Details, Graphics and geometrics, Streetstyle, and Trim.

All colours and details stood out against the different phases of Urban lifestyle. Golf, tennis and other sports and a healthy lifestyle brings new ideas to fur design. As a result fur becomes lighter, easy to wear and move around in. In urban fashion, fur can be used daily and in outdoor activities; fashion is also influenced by popular movies, pop-culture and TV series. Just think about long haired fur and wild looks from Game of Thrones or the Story of Yanxi Palace and the colour palette from Giorgio Morandi. Muted colour scheme was applied in the collections that highlighted low-key luxury. Colours such as lilac grey, Camilla rose, prairie sand, silver birch, indigo blue and dust rose were used to show that fur can be down-to-earth, versatile and attractive.

Photo 1: Brandon Sun
Photo 2: KC Fur
Photo 3: Felefasa

The looks on the fashion show catwalk were chic, fresh and luxurious. The garments in this year’s show not only showcased their brands’ unique characteristics, but also how fur attracts new generations, especially millennials, who have already become the most important purchasing power for fashion and fur. The collections presented by Brandon Sun made by HK Fur Factory Ltd., Felefasa, KC Fur, LANCA, MARYGLENN, Osstina, Top Fabution 33, and YUANLONGFUR, were seen together with Saga Furs’ own collection. Saga Furs’ collection was designed and developed with Chinese and international designers and brands. The Saga collection, using Saga foxes and minks, is aimed at the modern Chinese lady who loves natural materials, craftmanship and contemporary fashion.

Photo 1: LANCA
Photo 2: Osstina


Fashion show attracted stylists and bloggers

To educate the young generation we invited the “new” media such as bloggers and influencers from weibo and weixin and the show was livestreamed. The stylists and bloggers were inspired by the show and shared their favourite fur pieces. Their followers will be surprised how young, modern and fashionable fur can be and how it suits the urban lifestyle from morning to night.

Saga Furs and BIFT collaborating with this fashion show not only showcases a new collection but also builds a roadmap to fur fashion for the future. This year we invited designers, fashion brands, major retail department stores and multi-brand shop owners to the fashion show. We also developed a wechat programme which the audience could download before the show. This gives them the opportunity to connect directly with the brand seen on stage.

Photo 2: Top Fabution 33
Photo 3: Saga Furs

“The brands behind our Autumn/Winter 2019 collection are all top level Chinese fur manufactories and retailers. The garments on show in Beijing clearly show new ideas and new techniques developed in Saga Furs Design Centre, Saga Furs has provided all the inspiration needed to create the most fashionable fur pieces. We are happy to see many Chinese fashion brands, designers and retailers attending the show. No other company can do what Saga Furs is doing by really linking fashion and fur together,” said Samantha Vesala, Business Director, Asia at Saga Furs.

As always with Saga-organized events, the show was a great success, attracting a rapt audience of around 500 guests. In addition to being a magnet for designers, fashion company representatives, department store buyers and the fur trade in general, the Saga Furs and BIFTPARK fur trend show also attracted around 50 top media reporters, photographers, fashion bloggers and stylists.