Blue Fox Top Lot Bought by New Customer: Royal Gift

The husband and wife duo behind the brand Royal Gift, Mr. ZhengHui Shen and Ms. XiaoFang Xun, purchased the Blue Fox Top Lot in the September auction. The brand’s main focus is design and production of high-quality luxury mink and fox garments.

Mr. Shen and Ms. Xun started their company 14 years ago and established the brand 6 years ago but this was their first time attending a Saga Furs auction. This luxury designer caters to a new young audience by selling mostly through online outlets. Mr. Shen believes that high quality and good design are important for a brand to compete in the Chinese market and it is also good to make products that are current but can be worn for many seasons.

Confidence in the high-quality fox offered at Saga Furs’ auctions led Mr. Shen and Ms. Xun to buy the Blue Fox top lot. The skins in the top lot will produce fox and mink combination garments for this season’s collection as these types of combination garments are popular this season. Mr. Shen and Ms. Xun were excited to see the strong competition present in the auction room. Strong sales provided a good atmosphere for this new customers’ first visit at a Saga Furs auction.

Sep 27, 2016