Blue fox Top Lot was successfully won by Mr. Hu Feng of Finland Fur Co., Ltd. on behalf of Tongxiang Chengqin Fur Company

Tongxiang Chengqin Fur was established by Liu Tingle and his wife in Haining, China in 2015 and has a branch in Chongfu. It is a fur sales store specializing in Blue fox, Blue Shadow fox and all kind of mutation foxes imported from Finland. The company can professionally purchase all kind of fur raw materials according to the specific needs of a customers.

Chengqin Fur has participated in Saga Furs auctions in Finland for many years. Based on professional inspection experience and customer-oriented service, Chengqin Fur insists on purchasing and operating with high-quality imported furs.

“Saga Furs has the highest quality and the richest variety of fur raw materials in the world, which has a great attraction to domestic customer groups who are committed to high-quality fur. Moreover, its sustainable concept recognized by the international fashion field is also valued and pursued by our domestic high-end brand customers. This is also the reason why we insist on purchasing fur raw materials from Saga Furs”, says Mr. Liu tingle . After years of hard work, Chengqin Fur has established close relations with Chinese middle and high-end fur brands and fur manufacturers from Zhejiang, Hebei and other places.

This time, the purpose of this Top Lot purchased by Chengqin Fur is to prepare for the first new product launch of its high-end customer supermodel Chen Jingyi‘s personal brand “IZUO”.

As a professional fashion streamer, Ms. Chen Jingyi has been deeply engaged in the fashion industry for nearly ten years. She has more than 300,000 loyal fans in Taobao. In 2020 Double Ten Fur Festival of Taobao live streaming channel, she ranked eighth on the same list with Chinese top live streamers Weiya and Li Jiaqi, with sales of more than RMB 20 million. Her cooperative brands include EP YAYING, PSALTER, BOSIDENG and other domestic womenswear fashion brands. On 10 October 2021, Ms. Chen Jingyi will launch her personal brand “IZUO”, and she will launch the first collection including fur garments made of Saga Furs fur.

“Sustainable fur is an indispensable element of fashion products. We will launch mink and fox fur garments made of fur materials from Saga Furs one after another to welcome the most beautiful winter with our loyal fans,” said Ms. Chen Jingyi happily, “Chengqin Fur, as a professional fur raw material buyer, has selected high-quality furs from Saga Furs, saved us the time of purchasing raw materials, and brought great help to our development work, as well as built a solid bridge between” IZUO”and Saga Furs.”

Samantha Vesala, Business Director of Saga Furs, said: “thanks a lot for the trust from all sectors of the fur industry, we also look forward to have more and closer cooperation in the future. At the same time, I also wish IZUO brand a complete success in its first launch on 10 October.”