Blue Frost fox fetched full clearance at Saga Furs auction

Saga Furs September auction continued today with the offering of 75,000 Blue fox lowgrades and breeders, as well as 50,000 Blue Shadow fox and 50,000 Blue Frost fox pelts.

Blue fox lowgrades achieved 74% clearance under good competition in some sections, resulting in 46% overall clearance for Blue fox during the first two days. While China remained the dominant market, there was good support from Turkey which created competition.

Blue Shadow fox followed the same pattern as Blue fox, high clearance on lowgrades and breeders, and lower clearance on regular goods. There was strong competition on lowgrades of Blue fox and Shadow fox. As a result, in many cases lowgrades reached higher prices than regular skins of the same size.

The day ended with successful sale of Blue Frost fox pelts which were almost all sold under good competition with advancing prices. Size by size Blue Frost prices exceeded yesterday’s Blue fox prices.

The fox auction will conclude tomorrow with the offering of Silver fox, mutation foxes and Finnraccoon. The mink auction will start on Sunday 12 September.