Top Lot of Blue Frost Fox went to China

After a tough bidding competition, Mr. Pu Xiaoliang bought the exclusive Blue Frost Fox Top Lot for 880 euros. Mr. Pu Xiaoliang wanted the Top Lot to create a collection for his two chinese brands, Alyinvow and Disy. His womenswear brands design garments for a fashionable young generation. The company is based in Chongfu, Zhejian province in China.

Mr.Pu Xiaoliang’s collections use fox and mink in their garments. The Alyinvow brand focuses on both fox and mink in its collections, while Disyis has only fox garments. Mr. Pu Xiaoliang always uses high quality, Saga Royal fur in his collections. The main selling channel for the collections is via chinese e-commerce, such as Taobao and Tianmao.

With Blue Frost Top Lot skins Mr. Pu Xiaoliang plans to create a new collection. He wants to use the Top Lot skins to highlight the exclusiveness of the line and combine with Saga Furs’ techniques.

According to Mr. Pu Xiaoliang, the reason why he continues to come to Saga’s auction is that he trusts Saga’s reputation, reliable grading and trustworthy products. He has always been satisfied with Saga, and wishes to continue coming to Saga in the future.