Both Silver Fox and Blue Fox Top Lots were purchased for My Fur from Turkey

Turkish brothers, Mehmet Duras and Cafer Mustafa Duras, who are behind the family owned company My Fur bought both Fox Top Lots with help of their broker Fur Port Ab. Their first exclusive Top Lot collection was purchased on Friday 8 March at Saga Furs’ auction after fierce competition for the Silver Fox Top Lot skins. They received a special Top Lot Award, a fur bunny handcrafted of the finest certified Saga® Blue fox. They received their second fur bunny on Saturday 9 March after buying Blue Fox Top Lot.

Cafer Mustafa Duras and Mehmet Duras established their family business My Fur in March 1993. Since then they have been working in the shoe and bag industry using leather and fur. My Fur’s main markets are Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Turkey. My Fur is located in Zeytinburnu, Instanbul and has 22 employees. They wanted to purchase the exclusive Top Lot skins as a material for their new season’s samples.

“We would like to thank Saga Furs for their hospitality, support and high quality service. We also want to thank Fur Port Ab, our distinguished broker”, Mehmet and Cafer Mustafa Duras summarize after buying both Top Lots.