Brown Female Mink Top Lot proceeds support the future generation in Chinese fur retail capital

Mr. Rien Leeyen of Lion Mink Farms has graciously donated the proceeds of the Brown female mink Charity Top Lot to the benefit of the future generation in ChinaLion Mink Fur is one of the biggest mink breeding companies in the world and committed to support the future generation particularly in Harbin, which is one of the biggest retail markets in China.

After fierce competition, the Brown female mink Top Lot reached a hammar price of 400 Euros, being bought by Mr. Mikael Santin for KC Fur, one of the most famous Chinese fur brands. The proceeds of this Top Lot will be donated to Harbin Nanxun Kindergarten located in the fur retail capital of China: Harbin in the Heilongjiang province. The total amount to be donated is 18,000 Euros, inclusive of the auction fee, which Saga Furs has agreed to donate as well.

Saga Furs had invited the principal of Harbin Nanxun Kindergarten, Ms Li Xiaomei, to witness the Top Lot auction, and to receive the first donation in person. The buyer of the Top Lot, KC Fur who has 4 major fur stores in Harbin, will work together with the Saga Furs’ creative team to create a fur masterpiece from the Top Lot skins incorporated with Saga techniques. The proceeds from the resulting garment will also be donated to the same cause. Saga Furs looks forward to following up with KC Fur to see the final result!