“Demand the impossible” – Young designers test the limits of fur

Designers headed toward careers bring ideas, share ideas and learn at Award Winner Seminars. The assembly of talent at a mid-August seminar was no exception. “Some of them have a lot of potential for finding a spot in the fur industry in the future,” says Per Reinkilde, head of product development at Saga Furs Design Centre.

Seminars blend young designers, who have won prestigious awards sponsored by Saga Furs, in a mix of talent, gender, tastes and cultures. “The results can be dynamic,” says Reinkilde. “Even after nearly 30 years of teaching fur techniques to aspiring talent and top-name designers, it never ceases to amaze me how imaginative young people are. I often see the genesis of a new concept come from a young designer’s sketches or ideas.”

Award winners define fur and the Saga Furs experience in a few words:

Isabelle Boulais from Cégep Marie-Victorin in Canada, chose to quote Che Guevara: “Be realistic! Demand the impossible.”

Elisabeth Denault, also from Cégep Marie-Victorin, used the word “immersion” to describe her learning experience at the seminar. “I understand the industry and sustainable fur after the company presentation and I feel more confident about working with fur in the future.”

Danielle Grouse, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, tells how she had done some basic fur sewing, but is now more confident with tasks like cutting and shaving: “I’ve realized how important quality is in creation,” and to sum up Saga Furs: “Luxury, the best of the best.”

Jamall Osterholm, Rhode Island School of Design, used the word “New” to cover the experience. “I’m surprised by fur’s versatility and have added it to my toolbox. I also respect fur after understanding the industry, particularly Saga’s Certification and Traceability systems.”

Nicole Bisono, who has worked with New York’s Dennis Basso, found the allure of working with fox. Her seminar experience evoked the word “Royal.”

Naeun Kim, Savannah College of Art and Design: “What I’ve learned has changed my impression of fur from expensive, precious, not durable to fashionable and sustainable,” and underscores, “Timeless.”

Aug 24, 2016