Elegant Prosper has fashion-forward plans for top lot purchase

Mr Qian of the Zhejiang Elegant Prosper Garment Co. Ltd. bought the Saga Lumi Royal top lot of black female mink pelts at the March auction. The Chinese brand has positioned itself as a beacon of popular luxury and will examine the latest craft techniques that could be applied to the making of a special “top lot” collection.

Elegant Prosper is a leading brand in China, catering to fashion-minded individuals who look for elegance in their lifestyles. The company adheres to quality principles when purchasing raw materials so the Saga Lumi Royal top lot fits right into brand strategy.

Along with top quality, Elegant Prosper also makes research, development and the latest innovation a top priority. Saga Furs’ inspiring breakthroughs in the area of craft technique will be able to provide Elegant Prosper with a wealth of fabulous creative ideas.

The upcoming Elegant Prosper top lot collection will truly be something to look forward to.