Elegant Prosper launches collection featuring luxurious Saga Furs

Saga Furs inspired Elegant Prosper in the creation of fabulous fox-trimmed apparel for the A-W’17 collection seen for the first time on 1 April in Shanghai.

The prominent brand of elegant style began its collaboration with Saga Furs, the Finland-based fur auction company, around one year ago when Saga Furs provided a fur-craft workshop for Elegant Prosper’s design team.

Later in the year the design team was invited to Saga’s Fur Vision, Shanghai event to research the latest technique samples that also showcased in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Elegant Prosper discovered how fox trims and detailing will greatly enhance a collection.

Saga Furs was the pioneer that established ethical standards as industry models

Elegant Prosper was not only attracted to the superb quality of Saga’s assortment of exclusive European-farmed fur, but also to the strict ethical principles of sourcing responsible fur and finding like-minded partners all along the production chain.

The value of Saga’s top quality pelts is increased by other benefits. Saga Furs is the only fur auction house to have its own Farm Certification System and a traceability program allowing fashion brands to trace materials back to the farm of origin.

 Saga Furs has inspired and advised Western fashion creators for more than 30 years.

The auction house has earned a respected reputation for working closely with the top international brands of Haute Couture and ready-to-wear fashion.  These partnerships have proved to be highly successful. Saga also has activities with more than 25 design schools around the globe to help upcoming generations who want to work with fur.

As an integral segment of its marketing strategy, Saga Furs has increasingly been catering to growing interest from leading Chinese fashion companies and designers who want to introduce or expand on-trend use of fur in collections.

Innovation and inspiration from Saga Furs are the reason you see so much stylish fur fashion on seasonal runways and on the streets.

Elegant Prosper and Saga Furs are both noted for uncompromising quality and creative innovation so the two make a perfect match. The design team will visit Saga Furs Design Centre in May to explore new ways to work with fur in future collections.

Always thinking fashion-forward, Elegant Prosper has future plans for ultra-luxurious garments using Saga Lumi® Royal. The exceptionally limited-edition pelts were purchased earlier this year and will be transformed into something breathtaking with the assistance of Saga Furs expertise and Elegant Prosper’s creativity.