Finnraccoon Top Lot was purchased by Changli Jiapeng Trade Group Co., Ltd from China

The Top Lot of Finnraccoon was sold in Saga Furs’ March auction to Chinese company Changli Jiapeng Trade Group Co., Ltd. In this article you can learn more about the company.

Changli Jiapeng Trading Group Co. Ltd was established in 2006 and is now a leading company in the agricultural industry. The company mainly carries out the farming, purchasing, and selling of raw as well as dressed fur pelts, import and export, fur garment production, design, and sale of fur clothing.

“We have purchased pelts at Saga Furs’ auctions for many years, and we know the meaning of the Top Lot and how it represents the best quality fur. Buying this Top Lot means that we want to deliver our company’s mission to our clients and tell them that we offer the best you can get. And of course, this gives as an opportunity to promote Jiapeng group”, says Business Manager Mr. Jiang Peng.

The company established Changli Fur Trading Market in 2006, and today the market has become one of the largest professional markets in raw fur trading in China. The annual sales volume is as high as 15 million fur pelts and the transaction amount is around 10 billion CNY.

In 2016, a shopping centre in Changli Fur City was opened with more than 100 domestic and foreign fur brands. The shopping centre sells more than 70,000 fur clothing and fur accessories every year. It has become an exhibition centre for fur products in the area of Tang Shan and Qin Huang Dao.

In 2020, the Jiapeng Group invested 20 million CNY in the construction of Changli Jiahao Ronoon Breeding Centre in a 60,000 square metre area. This was done to provide technical support for domestic scientific processing and farming of the high-quality population.

“In the future, the Jiapeng Group will focus on a strategy to build an international city of tourism, which will create high-quality business tourism routes with the help of the local fur industry and rich tourism resources. We aim to be the first option for travel and shopping when people come to Qin Huang Dao from China and abroad. We will push the integration and the development of industry and tourism”, adds Mr. Jiang Peng