Finnraccoon Top Lot went to Italy

Italian Gianni and Daniel Dalla Riva bought the exclusive Top lot collection for DRG and Flashfur Padova on Wednesday 20 December at Saga Furs’ auction. There was a lot of competition of the Top Lot skins, and at the end Dalla Riva’s bid won the lot. They received a special Top Lot Award, a fur bunny handcrafted of finest certified Saga® Blue fox by the skilled furriers at the Saga Furs Design Centre.

The Dalla Riva family is well known since they have been in the industry for more than 35 years. They are specialized in trimmings for high-end brands.

The company has been a fond customer of Saga Furs already for several years and they provide customers competitive and high-quality products. With the purchase Gianni wanted to show the goal of making the company grow. This was confirmed also with the entry of his young son Daniel and daughter Alice, who are cooperating since some years in the company with satisfaction. The beautiful Top Lot skins will be used for a new collection of jackets and accessories. We can’t wait to see the end results.