The first Fur Vision Moscow was a hit

For the first time in history the Moscow Fur Vision18 was held in September.

“Saga Furs is a well-known brand in Russia among designers and fur trade for the quality, creativity and sustainability. Saga has been present in the market for nearly 30 years and many top designers have visited Saga Design Centre,” says Dmitri Larionov Saga Furs’ Business Manager, East Europe.

Hosting a Fur Vision event in Moscow gives Saga Furs more opportunities to invite not only designers but also their creative teams to see Saga Furs’ know-how in new technologies.

“Designers and furriers are eager to see Saga’s new techniques. There were more than 100 samples for viewing. A big number of samples means that everybody can find useable technique for their production and style,” says Larionov.

The production of fur coats and accessories in Russia has grown during the last two years, so Saga Furs was happy to introduce new ideas and techniques to the leading Russian designers, the largest Russian fur manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of accessories and hats.

“All of them came which shows real interest and respect for Saga and the importance of what we are doing.”

The different fur technique samples left no one indifferent, and each company found interesting ideas for their production.

“It’s a great opportunity for our creative team from the Design Centre to meet the designers and manufacturers and share ideas with them. All participants noted the need for such cooperation when the entire working group participating in the production process can get acquainted with various techniques on the spot,” highlights Dmitri Larionov.

It sounds like the second Fur Vision in Moscow will take place in a year.