Fox a big hit at 16th annual Fur Vision in New York

Saga Furs once again wowed the guests with the annual showcase of fur technique sample collection at Fur Vision17. The 4-5 October event drew leading fashion designers, fur trade partners, design schools, media and retailers to Scandinavia House in Manhattan to be inspired by the latest in innovation in the world of fur from the Saga Design Centre.

“Fashion houses and fur companies are greatly inspired by what they discover at Fur Vision and are thrilled to add fur in their collections. Their interest grows when they learn about the Saga Certification Program and Traceability system,” says Charlie Ross, Saga’s Head of International Marketing and Sustainability. “Designers are confident that Saga Furs equals ethical farming and sourcing, so they tend to choose our products for the peace of mind and are pleased to use our hangtags to convey this story also to the consumer.”

Fox trim collection was an exciting new feature at the event

Fur Vision presented more than 120 technique samples in Saga® Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon, along with a display of the many types of skins the auction house has to offer. Craft techniques included fur mixes with metal, bands of rubber, and fox sheared in different length. The exhibit was complemented by innovation from dressing companies that are long-term Saga Furs partners.

The new fox trim collection targeted at outer- and casual wear was especially exciting to the creators of more sporty fashion who want to add even more fur to their collections and discovered another way of achieving this.
“Fur Vision is a gold mine of inspiration for designers, and the first step toward a new collection,” Ross continues. “A lot of the energy is geared toward Autumn-Winter, but thanks to the techniques we have offered over the years, the season for wearing fur now covers 365 days a year, many designers showcasing fur also in the spring-summer collections.”

Get-together for exchanging ideas, finding inspiration and networking

Saga Furs, the Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce and the Consulate General in New York, Counsel General, Ambassador Manu Virtamo together hosted a cocktail party at the Ambassor’s residence. Some 60 guests including Saga’s partners in the fur trade, designers and fashion representatives, and individuals from a number of fashion magazines joined the soiree on Park Lane.

“I am very pleased with the fantastic support the Consulate General and the Finnish-American Chamber of Commerce has given to us here in New York,” says Tia Matthews, Saga’s Fashion Business Director. “This was a first get-together of this kind for us. We had a magical evening which was well really well received by everybody in attendance,” she continued.

A highlight of the evening was a showing of home décor and models wearing garments created by Saga Furs’ partners.