Fur Excellence in Athens reflects market rebounds

An increased number of buyers from former-Soviet states along with Korean and Chinese boosted attendance at the 7th annual Fur Excellence, International Fur Fair held in Athens from 31 March – 2 April. Saga Furs once again held two events, one for the trade and the other for creators of fashion.

Total attendance for the gathering topped 2,053 persons who came to review high-fashion products displayed by 53 domestic and 12 international companies. A large majority of buyers in attendance came from abroad.

Saga Furs informs about markets and fur trends that drive it
Julio Suarez Christiansen, Business Director, Europe, presented to the local fur trade a comprehensive look at developments and trends in the international fur market. He told how important the Saga Certification System is, and how Saga Furs was the first auction house to offer Certified-skin collections. All Saga® Fox and Finnraccoon sold at auctions are certified, while increasing volume of branded mink skins is certified or in transition toward certification. The first 100%-certified lots of Saga Mink were sold at the March auction.

Saga Furs complemented the informative gathering with a grand cocktail party attended by members of the Greek fur association and the trade as well as a large number of Saga customers and exhibitors.

Seminar to inspire students of design and outline fur fashion trends
Sara Düring from Saga Furs Design Center conducted a day-long seminar for nearly 60 students of fashion design. She presented the latest fur trends seen on international catwalks and explained some of the innovative techniques developed at the Design Center and used by top designers.

The student attendees got the opportunity to review big assortment of technique samples, and got basic instructions in how the techniques are made. Students took with them a wealth of new ideas for their school tasks and careers that lie ahead.