Fur Trends forecast: What to look for in fall 2016-17

Saga Furs not only has a finger on the pulse of fashion, creative innovation from the Design Center generates the heartbeat of inspiration in developing fur creations for fashion brands and runway shows.

Here are some of the main trends to look for on the catwalks:

Edge: Taking offbeat materials in combination with fur creates stunning pieces that defy convention in perfect harmony with today’s fashion picture. Designers have added an expression to the idiom of fashion by integrating seemingly unusual materials such as cork, metallic foils or stone to achieve breathtaking effect. Expert workmanship gives you bold new textures in an array of daring new ways to interpret fur.

Construction: An architectural approach to the application of craft techniques for fully exploiting the three-dimensional beauty of fur. Creations take on structure one step at a time. The end aesthetics effect a range of design statements: stripes, graphics, trompe-l’oiel, patterns and lines. The interplay of texture, form and volume has been used to interpret exquisite simplicity or a bewildering, intricate synthesis.


Artisan: The hands! This season pays honour to the craftsmanship as well as the deft hands and keen imagination it takes to create the sublime. Pieces are handmade with minute focus on finer details to complete products of the imagination. Techniques such as intarsia bring magic to each look. Knitwear, weaving, embroidery and embellishments crafted by the skilled hands of experts are the order of the day.


Adventure: Fur is expressed as the quintessential material for protection and warmth. The utility of active sport materials combines with luxury fur for getting the right clash of elements for today’s individuality. The untamed look of Finnraccoon or longhaired fox types pays homage to rustic sophistication with references to survival. Sheared mink or fox act to create a refined tone while designers have used playful details like zippers or buttons to complete a style.


Trust: Fur is the original material given to us by nature. Contemporary designers have embraced the natural allure of Saga® Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon to create looks reflecting a sense of purity and integrity in fashion. Timeless full coats and jackets have been transformed into warm, lightweight creations of a quality that will sustain. The statement says nature.