Fur Vision events in China are crowing moments for inspiration and creativity

Visitors encountered an awe-inspiring collection of technique samples and Saga Furs skins at Fur Vision events in China. The gatherings in Beijing on 26-27 October and in Shanghai a few days later drew leading Chinese fashion designers, brands, design schools, media and fur trade partners.

Even though it’s just the third time Fur Vision has been staged in China, some Chinese brands and designers consider Fur Vision an “annual must” and have not missed a single one.

“Designers wouldn’t come back if they didn’t see the value,” notes Samantha Vesala, Saga Furs business director, Asia.

Lightness and new fox textures were definitely in high demand among designers

Swatches of craft techniques dazzled designers, especially 3-D detailing on fabric, metallic brushing, and fox and leather mixes. The creators of fashion also fell in love with big air gallon lining, leather-side bonding were also very popular in the ways they can add a luxury feeling to casual fashion.

Furs, especially longhaired foxes, have an amazingly broad range of applications in accessories, such as scarves. We invited some accessory designers and brands. They were astounded by saga samples’ beauty and materials’ quality.

“We are so glad to see designers come to Fur Vision with questions and how they turn to us to find solutions. It means they are willing to design and create unique fur styles,” says Vesala. “We have confidence that Saga Furs’ professional know-how allied with designers’ ingenious ideas for fur will be welcomed by more and more fashion-forward consumers.”

Broad and varied selection of innovative furs inspires designers

Fur Vision presented more than 120 technique samples in Saga® Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon, along with a display of the major types of skins Saga Furs auctions have to offer.

For the first time, Fur vision showed a whole collection of dyed skins. It is the best way to show visitors the importance of fur’s natural characteristics when they want to find the right skins for dyeing in particular colours.