High-end fashion plans in mind for the Fox Top Lot buyers

Fox fur is in fashion, and both of Saga Furs’ March Fox Top Lots saw fierce competition at the auction. The lucky Top Lot bidders were Miss LoLo and Mr Pan Zhijun, both from China.

Miss LoLo of Shenzhen Luo Luo Clothing Co., Ltd. is an established online retailer focusing on high-end luxury fur products. Miss LoLo’s customers, of all ages and from all over the world, visit her webshop when they want to find something spectacular. Her concept is straightforward and honest: wearing fur is part of a lifestyle. This concept has kept her business successful for over more than ten years.

Miss LoLo has visited the Saga Atelier during the auctions. She was impressed by the crafts and techniques that were introduced to her.

“I plan to use the Blue Fox Top Lot to create a luxurious collection by applying the latest craft techniques and trends. I really got inspired by Saga Furs when visiting the atelier”, says Miss LoLo of Shenzhen Luo Luo Clothing Co., Ltd.

Fashionable and innovative furs

The other Fox Top Lot buyer was equally as impressed by the crafts and techniques he has seen at Saga Furs.

“With the design ideas and technical support from Saga Furs, I would like to create a fashionable fur creation which will become the trend setter for local markets”, says the Saga Silver Fox Top Lot buyer Mr Pan Zhijun of LaoPanPicao through Kevin Wan.

LaoPanPicao, based in Harbin, is one of the leaders in the high-end fur fashion industry in China offering high-quality fur products. Buying the Top Lot at the March auction also signifies a close collaboration between LaoPanPicao and Saga Furs in the future.

With these fashionable ideas in mind, we cannot wait to see what Miss LoLo and Mr Pan will create from the Saga Blue and Silver Foxes.