Hong Kong Fur Fair got inspiration from Saga Furs

Saga Furs kicked off The Year of the Dog with four busy days at the Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair held 21–24 February. The fair’s total exhibition space reached 28,000 square meters to congregate over 180 local and overseas exhibitors from 10 countries and regions.

Saga Furs exceptional range of attractions, from ethical raw materials and technique samples to fur apparel, held the limelight.

“No doubt: the market remains unstable, but we saw here how companies have improved their lines by using new techniques and embracing fashion trends,” says Samantha Vesala, Saga Furs’ Business Director for Asia. “Saga Furs’ reputation for putting sustainability and responsibility at the forefront adds another dimension of value for the fur trade as well as designers and clothing companies.”

The Saga Furs’ stand featured a full assortment of Saga® Fox, Mink and Finnraccoon skins. In addition, a collection of runway styles from top fashion brands was displayed with the technique samples – developed by Saga Furs Design Centre – incorporated in them. The exhibit illustrated how the company influences the world of fashion, while expert advice from Saga Furs’ was available to help designers/companies realize their fur dreams and to improve business through the latest innovation in fur.

Hong Kong industry’s creativity visible in Gala Show 

The theme “Shades of White” featured a three-scene storyline – Gradient, Grace and Glamour – in 14 colors and over 140 unique fur looks. The curtain opened with modern sophisticated looks, lead into stylish urban and then dreamy forest notions.

Techniques from Saga Furs Design Center had been adapted by HK furriers in amazing ways, from the romantic and sporty silhouettes, to urban chic styles and gorgeous evening gowns. Each piece complemented modern femininity with sensational visual effect and luxury texture.

Saga Furs hosted a popular cocktail party at 2nd day of the fair to usher in the Year of the Dog with friends and partners.
“Dogs are loyal and honest, amiable and kind. On this occasion, we look back with appreciation for everyone’s understanding and support, and looking forward to moving into the New Year with new challenges and opportunities,” Samantha Vesala says.