Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair 2023

The Hong Kong International Fur & Fashion Fair 2023 was organized during 22-25 February in Hong Kong, being the first real big event since the pandemic lock-down.

The Hong Kong fur fair is renowned as one of the most significant fur fairs in the industry. This time more than 60 exhibitors from overseas and regions were showcasing trendsetting fur fashion. The visitors of the fair were mainly coming from China and Korea market.

“This was the first truly big happening after 3-year pandemic lock-down in China and Hong Kong. It was amazing to see our auction buyers face to face again after such a long time!”, says Samantha Vesala, Business Director, Marketing and Business Relations at Saga Furs.

Once again, Saga Furs’ booth was a focal point for designers and furriers to explore and find inspiration in Saga Furs’ Creative Hub latest technique samples.

Fur Gala

“Fur Gala” kicked off with the theme of “Ignite”. It showcased 10 different collections from leading fur manufacturers, expressing romance, enthusiasm, and magnificence while demonstrating the ever-changing fashion style for furs. Fur manufacturers with extraordinary creative designs, leading fur to the fashion industry.

Saga Furs 2023 Trend Show showcased the latest trends in fur fashion, exceptional craftsmanship, innovation, and gorgeous design. Shows are enhanced to an entirely higher level. (The first two photos are from the Gala and last four looks are from Saga Furs’ latest Fur Vision collection.)


Sustainable Fur Design Competition

There was also a competition finale at the Gala show, where the Hong Kong Fur Federation added the concept of “Recycling and Upcycling”. The garments were re-designed and made by recycling old vintage pieces. As a result visitors could see new and creative ways of expressing fur as a sustainable and long-lasting material. It aimed to attract young designers, and strengthen connections between educational institutions and the fur industry. To learn more about fur and how to work with the material, the winner will receive a study trip to Saga Furs Creative Hub in Finland.

“Fur by Hong Kong” has become a distinguished label in the industry, with unrivaled craftsmanship and original design.