Kevin Douse brings his auctioneering expertise to Saga

There’s no auction without an auctioneer. And at the Saga Furs auction, one of the gavel-holders is the internationally recognised professional who takes into consideration the best of each stakeholder: the buyer, the farmer and of course the auction house. Meet Kevin Douse.


Saga Furs’ March auction has enjoyed Kevin Douse’s skills at the podium as he joined our team a few short months ago.
“Having Kevin as part of the team is a great asset, I can say with confidence. The farmers benefit from his knowledge but so do the buyers,” says Julio Suarez Christiansen, Saga Furs’ Business Director, Europe and North America.

Buyer Alex Tarantola of Bartfeld Trading agrees with Suarez Christiansen.
“I was delighted when I heard that Kevin was joining Saga. And now, seeing him in the auction room, I’m once again reminded of his professionalism. He is always in command, clear, fair and friendly.”

Auctioneer needs to be speedy and behave correctly

After 35 years in the business buyers know that if Douse makes a mistake in the heat of the action, he is fast to correct that mistake. “You don’t mess with Kevin – both in bad and in good.”
This is why Tarantola is sure that the partnership will go from strength to strength.
“I’m delighted that one of the most professional auctioneers is now cooperating with Saga Furs.”

Also the auctioneer himself is delighted to be part of the Finnish company.
“The welcome from Saga staff and management, the buyers and the farmers has been warm. I’m very happy to be working for a professional auction company.”

Even though being on the podiums of most of the auction houses hundreds of times, Kevin Douse regards the special moment he picked up the Saga gavel and conducted his first auction in Vantaa.
“The first hour confirmed my membership as a part of this fur trade family,” says Douse.