LÉTRANS X SAGA FURS promoting slow fashion

On 18 October, China’s cutting-edge designer brand LÉTRANS together with Saga Furs jointly launched an in-depth cooperation conference at Anji Natural Ecological Innovation Park and released AW2022 collection called Land of Interest“. This collection is a combination of natural colors and materials as well as minimalistic aesthetics and sustainable fashion concept. LÉTRANS focuses on the sale of female fashion, using lots of natural materials, including mink and fox fur.

This cooperation between the fashion brand LÉTRANS and Saga Furs is a commitment to provide fashion consumers with diverse, innovative, sustainably produced, and high-quality fur products. Both parties value sustainability, traceability and trust while trying to help customers to build an elegant wardrobe for modern women.


LÉTRANS X SAGA FURS | “Land of interest” collection

The Land of Interest collection is breaking through the boundaries of tradition and fashion, with the authentic and pure concept of “come from nature, take from nature, and return to nature”. Through a modern perspective, it returns to the original relationship between clothing and life with a more flexible and practical silhouette design.

The balance between modern and classic, combining layers and three-dimensional aesthetics, using complicated craftsmanship and overlapping layers of techniques with soft textures, give together this ready-to-wear collection fluidity and harmony, a sense of eternity, and restore the ultimate beauty of the materials. The combination of urban look and natural body feeling bring relaxed comfort to women who wear the collection.

Ms. Letrans, the director and chief designer of LÉTRANS, believes that it is important to stay true to yourself. You don’t need to dazzle, as the inner comfort is the most important thing. And clothes are the most intimate thing and, also, the first layer of comfort built around us.


Together advocating “slow fashion” and natural lifestyle

Nowadays, people understand that sustainability is important, but real sustainability is not a call for people to buy so-called environmentally friendly materials, but to reduce waste from the root cause. As a natural material, real fur has incomparable advantages compared to artificial chemical fibers, and it is biodegradable at the end of its long lifespan. At the same time, fur condenses the beauty of craftsmanship that has been passed down for thousands of years. It is no longer just a “status” symbol, but a symbol of environmentally friendly fashion.

Samantha Vesala, Saga Furs Business director, said that the deep collaboration also gives Saga Furs the opportunity to combine the fur industry’s ideas of “slow fashion” with “getting close to nature.” Sustainability, responsibility and innovation are also things that Saga Furs is known for. During the long history Saga Furs has collaborated with many different brands, from a century-old European international brands to the new and small cutting-edge brands of today, also in China, aiming to inject fresh blood to the industry.

In the future, LÉTRANS and Saga Furs will uphold the same concept of sustainable development in the supply of natural furs , technique development and diversified development of fashion channels, working together to explore options suitable for the present. Together we will explore the new generation of design concepts, and jointly help fur brands to expand diversified innovative sustainable fashion vision.